Gavril H-Series

Gavril H-Series

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Gavril H-Series
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1998 Gavril H25 Vanster
Production1995 - 2001
Body and Chassis
ClassFull size van
Body style2-door van
2-door chassis cab
LayoutFront-engine, four-wheel-drive/rear-wheel-drive

The Gavril H-Series is a lineup of full-size vans and chassis cabs manufactured by Gavril between 1995 and 2001. It was one of the five vehicles included in the first version of

Overview of models

Since all models are based on the same chassis, most modifications or options available for one model, such as a 4.1L I6 engine or a 4WD transfer case, can be fitted on any other.

H15/H25 "Vanster"

The factory-spec H15 Vanster.

The H15 Vanster is a typical van, based on generic designs of vans from between the late 90s and the mid 2000s. The H-Series has the same powertrain options as the D-Series. It comes stock with the 4.5L V8 shared with the D-Series and Grand Marshal.

The standard model is equipped with a 4-speed automatic gearbox (although it is possible to swap the 4-speed with a 6-speed transmission), which couples the engine with the rear wheels to make a RWD drivetrain. A front transfer case can be added to convert the vehicle to 4WD if necessary. The H15 also has a 90L fuel tank, located in front of the rear axle.

The suspension setup is typical for a van, a relatively soft setup including a live rear axle suspension for the rear, and independent suspension in the front with IFS coilovers to allow for comfortable driving along uneven terrain, with a decent amount of ground clearance for driving on harsher roads. The base model H15 weighs about 2300kg.

The rear doors can be opened. Pressing Y or U toggles the left or right doors, respectively, and pressing RETURN toggles both doors at the same time.

H15 Off-Road

The Off-Road variant is essentially an H15 with upgrades equipped to make this vehicle an offroad charger. It has larger Grip-All TXR tires, lifted suspension, and custom bumpers. It is fitted with Stage 2 engine tuning, bringing the horsepower up to 475. The weight of this model also increases, totaling at over 2400 kg.

H15 Police Package

The Police Package model has the various technologies used to make official law enforcement vehicles. So far, those consist of a blue and red light bar and a police skin, although there may be more features available for it in the future. It has no special power enhancements, so it has the same specs as a regular D15, although it weighs just a bit more.

H15 Drift Missile

The Drift Missile variant is an almost completely stripped out H15 Vanster with a drift steering rack, Stage 2 engine tuning, removed exhaust and spare tire, and welded rear differential.

H25 Vanster

The H25 Vanster has upgraded suspension and drivetrain for better carrying and towing capability.

H45 "Cabster"

The heavy duty H45 Cabster with cargo box upfit.

The H45 Cabster has a 0.5m longer wheelbase, heavy duty frame, heavy duty suspension, and heavy duty wheels. In addition, it can be fitted with various upfits, including a cargo box or flatbed. Despite being almost a ton heavier than the standard H15 at 3200kg, the Cabster is equipped with the same 4.5L V8 engine as its factory-spec counterpart. It does, however, come with a 6-speed automatic transmission, an upgrade over the standard 4-speed found in the H15.

H45 Cabster Cargo Box Upfit

The Cargo Box Upfit has a large cargo box attached to the chassis. It was the first upfit made for this vehicle. It allows you to haul things around without them falling off your truck. Only it is very top-heavy. Don't try turning too hard, or you could flip on your side! Like the H15, the rear doors on this upfit can be opened or closed.

H45 Cabster Flatbed Upfit

The Flatbed Upfit has a wooden flatbed attached to the chassis. Because of the large surface area on the top of this upfit, almost anything can be carried around on it, including most props and vehicles. However, without tie-downs to hold your load, the objects you carry can easily fall off at certain times (such as forces from suddenly turning).

H45 Cabster Ambulance Uplift

The Ambulance Uplift has an ambulance box attached to the chassis. The ambulance box features a removable stretcher, working rear doors and emergency lights.

Performance Comparison

Gavril H-Series Model Specifications
H15 Vanster
H25 Vanster
H45 Cabster
Police Package
Drift Missile
Cargo Box Upfit
Flatbed Upfit
Ambulance Uplift
Engine & Drivetrain
4.5L V8
5.5L V8
Drive wheels
Stage 2
Torque (Nm)
4-speed Automatic
6-Speed Automatic
3.55 Open
4.10 Open
4.10 Welded
Front 4.10 Open
Rear 4.10 LSD
3.55 LSD
4.10 Open
Weight kg:
16x8 Steel
17x9 TXR Off-Road
17x8 Terra
16x8 Front, 16x8 Rear Dually (Heavy Duty Steel)
0 - 60mph (100km/h)
10.7 s (11.5 s)
9.2 s (9.8 s)
7.8 s (8.9 s)
4.9 s (5.2 s)
8.5 s (9 s)
12.8 s (14.1 s)
10.2 s (11 s)
13 s (14.3 s)
Top Speed (mph)


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