Installing Content

Installing Content

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BeamNG allows the use of additional vehicles, maps, and other mods created by the community. Since the 0.5.0 update, the installation has gotten simpler and can now be automatic, thanks to our new repository. This works through the most current release.

Installing Resources (Automatic)

Pre-requisites (How to enable the 'Green Install' button)

  • 1. Make sure you have a forum account and that you are logged in from your default internet browser.

  • 2. On the main menu, click the "Mods" button


  • 3. Then, click "Add Content". This will give your forum account permanent access to the automatic installation features.


Downloading & Installing mods

  • 4. Find a mod on the MODS section of the website, and you should now see a big green "Install" button. Simply click on it to install.

Repo tutorial install.png (Click "Launch Application" if your browser prompts you to Launch BeamNG.)

  • 5. That's it! BeamNG should open (or should focus itself, if already open), and you should be getting your mod!

Repo tutorial install 3.png Repo tutorial install 4.png

Note : You may need to perform a game restart in order for mods to appear in game.

Note2 : The content downloaded with automatic installation goes directly in C:\users\<username>\Documents\\mods (Unless a different path is specified in the startup.ini file)

Installing Resources (Manual Method)

  • To install mods manually, download its corresponding ZIP file Repo tutorial install 5.png , and place the ZIP in the Documents\\mods folder.

Where To Find New Content

In our Repositories :)