Content Creation Changelog 0.5.0

Content Creation Changelog 0.5.0

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List of changes related to content creation on 0.5.0.


Breaking changes

A new "hubGroup" argument was added to the wheel definition header. The old header still works but can't be used together with the new version within the same vehicle. The "hubGroup" defines a second node group, so that the wheel flexbody is assigned only the "hubGroup" (axle and inner circle of nodes), and the tire flexbody is assigned only to the "group" (inner and outer circle of nodes).

Also, the nodeArm, nodeCoupling, torqueArm, torqueCoupling arguments now have an extra ':' in the line. If this is missing, brake and torque reactions will not be resolved correctly and may cause weird suspension behavior.


"pressureWheels": [
 ["FR", "wheel_FR", "tire_FR", "axle1", "axle2", 9999,  "brake1", -1,  {"speedo" : true, "torqueArm:":"diff1"}],