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Gavril Grand Marshal/pl

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Gavril Grand Marshal

The Gavril Grand Marshal V8.

The Gavril Grand Marshal is a full-size four-door American sedan with styling influenced by vehicles from the 1990s, which suggests a production run of somewhere between 1989 and 2000. It is manufactured by Gavril.

The Grand Marshal is equipped with a 4.5l (275 CI) V8 engine by default. This stock V8 engine, shared with the D15 and H-Series, makes about 250 hp. As of the "Race" update, it has the same Stage 1 and Stage 2 engine tuning upgrades available to the D15 and H-Series. The stock Grand Marshal weighs about 1820kg.

The RWD Police Package includes steel wheels, a front push bar, limited-slip differential, and a stiffer front sway bar, upping the weight to 1850kg. It also features Stage 1 engine tuning, increasing horsepower by about 25. It has some basic police decals on the side. In the future, it will have a light bar, spotlight, antennae, and other police equipment.

The RWD Sport configuration equips the car with a harder, sportier suspension setup, sports steering, racing wheel, limited-slip differential, and custom 18" alloy wheels. It also features Stage 2 engine tuning, pushing power output past 400 horsepower.

All models of the Grand Marshal are equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 75L (19.8 US gal, 16.5 imp. gal) fuel tank.

The Grand Marshal handles like a typical full-sized sedan. The handling is smooth but slightly unresponsive, and the soft suspension of the default package makes for a comfortable ride at the expense of sluggish handling. The vehicle's ground clearance is also rather low, with anything more than a minor bump having the potential to catch the bumpers, resulting in damage to the vehicle. The initial acceleration of the vehicle is slow, but the V8 engine is potent, offering relatively high top speeds. The vehicle also has average levels of crash safety, with the chassis remaining relatively rigid during impacts to keep the general shape of the car, but with plenty of crumple zones to allow absorption of an impact.

The Grand Marshal w wersji policyjnej.
The Grand Marshal w wersji sportowej.

As of the "Race" update, a "Drift Missile" configuration was added, featuring steel wheels, removed body panels, a drift steering rack, Stage 2 engine tuning, and a welded differential. There is also a 5 speed manual option, carried over from the Gavril D15, which is standard only on the Drift Missile config.

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