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What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC allows people from all over the world to chat in real time all under a single network, which can consist of multiple servers.

How to enter the BeamNG chatroom

Simply click the Chat tab at the top of the forums. If you have an IRC client (IdealIRC [1] is a good one for example) you may connect using the following details:

  • server/hostname:
  • Port: 6667
  • SSL: (not available, if needed connect to:
  • Channel: #BeamNG

If you have issues connecting to IRC please contact either Tomatix or Kristian on the forum as they run the server, alternatively you may contact daniel_j or anyone you know that frequents the server.

Useful Symbols

Symbol Mode Meaning
~ +/- q Channel owner - This indicates the user originally created the channel. (Note: this only exists via, not the alternate 3PhaseGaming address, mainly because a certain tdev mismatched the server settings)
@ +/- o Operator - This symbol marks the user as a BeamNG developer, they have full control of connected user
 % +/- h Half op - In #BeamNG these users are channel operators and keep the channel civil.
+ +/- v Voice - Whenever the channel mode is set to moderated (+m), these people still have the opportunity to chat.

Who Are...?

BeamBot A Python IRC bot created by daniel_j. This bot allows users to enter commands to quickly get help.
SarahJane An IRC bot that provides channel statistics and YouTube parsing, you can find the channel statistics here: [2]

#BeamNG Policy 

This channel's purpose is to help new users solve issues they have with the game, as well as general discussion about BeamNG. We allow certain levels of off-topic chat here, but we are upon the rules.

  • If you would like to let the kid inside you come out, join #offtopic (type /join #offtopic), but remember, what ever happens in this channel is NOT AFFILIATED WITH BEAMNG in any way shape or form. Don't like whats going on? Leave.
  • If you need help with chatting, or questions regarding the chat or help with IRC in general, type /join #Help and ask there.


  • Anything​ that occurs in a 'room' other than #BeamNG is not our nor BeamNG's problem. You are originally directed to #BeamNG, where you go from there is done so at your own discretion. Don't like what's going on? Leave.
  • Usernames must adhere to IRC standards (see [3])
  • Swearing is prohibited. Generally, if our censor filter doesn't pick it up, it's okay, unless you are purposely avoiding it (such as sh1t etc) this usually, after a few warnings equates to a kick.
  • Pornography or illegal material such as illegal torrents (warez) are strictly prohibited, this will lead to a channel ban, you may not receive a warning.
  • Links that allow you some form of revenue are not allowed. You can link your own website etc, we just don't want links that give you things such as steam games for a certain number of 'hits'.
  • The authoritative figure is correct if you are asked to stop, stop. If you need to dispute something refer to another user with either a (@ or %) within their username, they will resolve any issues.
  • We are NOT your personal help desk we are here to assist you with BeamNG related issues, if we happen to help with other issues, great, we are however under no obligation to do so.
  • Trolling will not be tolerated We have stuff to do, we don't appreciate trolls, our time is valuable
  • Keep it G rated we often have young kids in there, lets try keep our chat appropriate.
  • Just ask your question you are not required to ask for assistance as that is what we are here for, just type it out till your heart contents!
  • We are human we are not at the chat 24/7, and on occasion it may be a little while till someone may respond, don't get angry if no one helps you straight away!
  • Enjoy yourself, we don't bite in #BeamNG, we do however ':|' a lot, it's nothing against you.

Lastly, its advised to use proper English language, and not 1337 speak or any other shortcut system.

Failing to comply with any of these rules will be punished accordingly resulting in a warning or a kick/ban from the IRC channels and/or the BeamNG Forums.

Handing out personal info(e-mail, phone number, address) is at your own risk, but is not advised not to do so.

Additionally, you must acknowledge that the Internet is a relatively unmonitored and potentially dangerous medium, and entry upon severs related to BeamNG (be it forum or chat) thereof places you, the user, at risk of a wide spectrum of malicious incident. Though countermeasures have been implemented to protect users from such a risk, we take no responsibility for damages (in)directly incurred upon use of mediums aforementioned.

Helpful Tips

  • Talk in 3rd person by issuing the following command: /me is afk
This will show up as: * YourName is afk. 
  • Private Chat with users by double-clicking on their name at the right hand side of the window.
  • By typing /nick and then your name allows you to change your appearing name. Example: /nick George
  • BeamBot provides a number of useful features, for a featured list please see [4] These commands are however dynamic, more can be added at anytime and wont be listed here.