Incompatible DirectX

Incompatible DirectX

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If directed you here, this means your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to be run properly. Specifically, your Graphics Card is not compatible, as it doesn't support DirectX version 11.

For more information, please check the System Requirements and our DirectX 10 blog post.

There's various possible solutions you can try:

  1. Switch to one of the unmaintained DirectX9 or DirectX10 branches that we are specifically providing for these outdated graphic cards
  2. Upgrade your graphics card so it meets the minimum requirements
  3. If you recently bought, contact the store you bought it from, as you might be able to get a refund from them (Steam, Humble Bundle, etc)

  • NOTE. Sometimes this issue can occur on compatible hardware, due to bad video drivers not reporting the correct supported DirectX version of the hardware. Reinstalling the video drivers may help in these cases.

How to check what DirectX version your Video Card supports

If you are unsure which DirectX versions are supported by your video card, check following the steps:

NOTE: DirectX version that the Video Card supports. Not to be mistaken with the DirectX version the OS supports!

Reverting to an older version of the game

Note that these version will not receive updates!

1. Right Click '' in your Steam Library

2. Select 'Properties', and go to the 'Beta' tab

3. Select the appropriate version for your hardware (see below)

Betas-dx9 1.png

  • - Last version to support DirectX9 Graphics Cards
  • - Last version to support DirectX10 Graphics Cards

NOTE: No access code is required to use these versions, just select them and you are done!

Refund / Support

Sorry for the inconvenience! Below are described the steps to request a refund from Steam or Humble Bundle, as well the stores requirements to be eligible for one.

Sorry to see you go! :(


You can request a refund here:

  • NOTE. Refunds for Steam purchases are managed exclusively by Steam itself, not us developers. Please carefully check the limits within a refund is applicable.

Humble Bundle

1. Purchase must not be older than 30 days

You can request a refund by contacting us:

Please specify the email address used in the original order, in case you contact us using a different one.