Repository information

Repository information

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Repository (Under Construction)

Since late 2015, we have set up a repo , it includes content created by our great community.

The Beamng Repository is accessible via the mods section on the homepage of the site ( .

The contents are verified by our moderators and classified in category.

Content Categories

  • Vehicles (Land / Air / Boats / Props)
  • Configurations
  • Scenarios
  • Terrains, Levels, Maps
  • User Interface Apps
  • Sounds
  • License Plates
  • Mods of Mods
  • Skins

How to install new content


  • Find a mod that you want to install
  • You can use the filters at the left side of the page to refine your search. Then the tabs allow you to order your search.
  • Click install and then select BeamNG in the prompt that opens
  • Let BeamNG download the mod
  • It should now appear in game

How to add and manage content to the repository

With his forum account , the content creator can upload , update and edit an overview about his content . The latest version is showed , but all previous version are stored and accessible .

Uploading Mods

Repository Rules

  • You must be the author of the mod. Do not take other people's mods and upload them.
  • The mod MUST work without the need of extracting the ZIP or any additional step. Simply by dragging and dropping the ZIP in the 'Mods' folder.
  • Credit the author incase part of your mod do not belong to you (Models, Textures, etc.)
  • If you are releasing a pack of similar maps/vehicles (For example a various version of the same map, simply pack everything in a single mod)
  • If you upload many variants of a mod (for example a skin mod for a vehicle part that comes in various colours), group them in a single ZIP/Download rather than submitting 1 resource per type.