From BeamNG

So here we go, my wiki, newly renovated as of Feb 1, 2019. Take two, as I wrote most of what I wanted to write out before, then lost it all because the wiki doesn’t auto save. Oops.

Anyways, I’ll try to condense this a little better from how I wrote it out last time.

I’ve been around these forums since mid 2016, and I’ve met some great people, and also some not so great people. The good ones definitely outweigh the bad ones, though. I’ve gone through a few names, with my first being Partee1533, but I changed that to 98crownvic sometime in mid 2017 I believe. Clearly I’m not very good at making names, though, because I don’t really like either. Speaking of names, I can be found as 25or624 on the Rigs of Rods forum. I don’t post much there anymore, because of my interest being here mainly, but I still hang around occasionally. I found out about BeamNG in 2012 sometime, but didn’t actually ever get to play it until late 2018. I simply didn’t have a good enough computer to run the game, or the money to get one that could. I spent a few years considering building a gaming computer, but not really seriously. I do have one now though, which is why I can finally play Beam. Before I played BeamNG, I would play Rigs of Rods, starting in late 2017. I had known about the project almost as long as BeamNG, probably about 2013, but didn’t actually explore it until mid or late 2017. I don’t play it much anymore though, due to lack of vehicles, and lack of progress in general.

On these forums, I’ve gone through a few names like I mentioned above, and even a few accounts. I had an alt by the name of hazardlights for about 3 days, but I blatantly advertised that I had one on my profile, as I didn’t know it was against the rules. Of course, it makes perfect sense that it is, but for some reason I didn’t think that. Nadeox1 found out about it (really the only time he’s responded to something I said, but that’s okay), and that was the end of that. I do follow that account though, check it out if you want I guess. I’ve had a good time on these forums, despite spells of inactivity throughout my 2 and a half years here, and I don’t plan on leaving, and certainly not leaving the game, so you can probably expect to see me around for a while longer. Heck, maybe I’ll even start contributing things actually useful. Speaking of my “contributions” to this forum, I’d just like to say that I don’t always post incredibly mature things, or helpful things I suppose, and so I try to stay out of threads for things like troubleshooting, seeing as I have very little knowledge in the subject. But, I do try to be thoughtful of what I post, so if I post something stupid or immature, it’s likely not intentional, and just something that I don’t understand or see. I also am in the “Sell Your Beam Cars” group, but I’m not too active there. I also moderate the BeamNG roleplay group, and post quite a bit there, despite it being a constant battle I fight with myself. I enjoy doing it, and it keeps the game fresh, I suppose, but “roleplayers” often have a bad reputation, even if that’s undeserved for these forums (I don’t even like the word “roleplay”). Anyways, after that unrelated side-tangent, that block of poorly written text about sums up the “interesting” parts of my forum history. Thanks to you guys for making my time here interesting.