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About Me

I'm just a guy who finds satisfaction in creating things and making people smile.  :)

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WIP Projects

Name Image Description Status
97 Toyota 4 Runner Image Soon I'm creating / adding the Jbeam. Active
Refreshed Pessima Image Soon A new Pessima with modern Sunburst options and a 2002 Volvo s60 style. Active
Aquatic Bolide Image Soon A James Bond style Lotus Esprit. Active
ETK800 Autonomous Package Image Soon Adds various aesthetic sensors around the car including a spinning lidar camera. Passive
2018 SBR4 Image Soon All of yer 2016 SBR4s are about to suffer from major depreciation. On Hold
Motor Coach Image Soon It's a scratch built travel bus. On Hold
Aston Martin DB5 Image Soon James Bond's car. On Hold
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Image Soon It's a Ferrari! On Hold
Top Secret N/A :) Unknown

Requested Projects

Name Image Description
Walrus No Image Destructible Walrus Prop (O'rlly?)
Explodable Tanker No Image Explosdanle inferno kerchoo tanker
Flying BTR-80 No Image BTR-80 that EcoNadder will no doubt, completely indubiously make, hint hint wink wink nod nod etc...