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"Byrned Out"
Manufacturer Homo sapiens
Nationality American
Body and Chassis
Class None
Body style Male
Layout Two-leg, two-arm
Heart Standard human heart
Brain Probably

SuperAusten64 is a lonely human being who spends a good portion of his time on a rapidly-deteriorating-in-quality internet forum. He has made several friends and several enemies, none of which he actually knows in real life.


SuperAusten64 first joined the forums on July 4, 2019 (a U.S. holiday), but did not make his first post until September 2 of that same year. Said first post was a request for a GIF comparing the differences in the Bruckell LeGran between versions 0.16 and 0.17.[1] Three weeks later, having not received his requested GIF, he "got tired of waiting" and made one himself.[2]

On October 3, 2019, SuperAusten64 created a thread on the forums complaining about the large number of Automation mods.[3] A subsequent post in the thread[4] led to the removal of the New Resources sidebar on the main forum page.[5]

Post Milestones

Additional Comments
September 2, 2019
Requesting GIF comparing the differences in the Bruckell LeGran between versions 0.16 and 0.17
Bruckell LeGran
First post
Followed up with creation of GIF in this post
November 23, 2019
In response to user mrwallace888's request for a heads-up display mod, suggesting he attempt to make one himself
I'm surprised there isn't any HUD mods...
100th post
January 27, 2020
In response to another post containing a picture of a 1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, resembling the one driven by Dwight Schrute on The Office
Image of a Saab 900, which per the thread topic he considers to be one of the "prettiest cars ever"
Prettiest Cars Ever
400th post
The Trans Am used on The Office was a 1987 model, as opposed to the post's '88 (though few to no changes were made), and is currently listed on Studio Picture Vehicles
February 11, 2020
In response to another post suggesting the Cherrier Vivace originally being a Hirochi[6] meant the two fictional brands were related, dismissing the claim
Update Speculation thread
First post to receive a Staff Pick, given by Diamondback
February 14, 2020
In response to three questions, two asked by user Phym and one by user GWMan, the first requesting his thoughts on diecast cars, the second on Lenny faces, and the third on "school, college, jobs, etc"
General Discussion
500th post
Really depressing, bummed people out[7]
February 16, 2020
Several GIFs of in-game vehicle thumbnails
Community Screenshots - Each post an image of
First post to receive multiple Staff Picks (3 total, given by thomatoes50, Nadeox1, and Stoat Muldoon)
The Bluebuck GIF was used as an avatar by user Nathan24™ for a short while
March 13, 2020
Mocking the incoherent gibberish of one of several Chinese spam bots
Original 600th post
Thread title later changed to something in Chinese, then deleted by moderators
March 14, 2020
Commenting on previously unseen D-Series bumper in a screenshot posted by Nadeox1
Incorrectly assuming another screenshot posted by Nadeox1 was confirming an Ibishu Pessima remaster
Update Speculation thread
600th post
Originally 601st post, but the post immediately before it was deleted making it the 600th
March 15, 2020
Clarifying a statement made by Diamondback to another forum user
Cherrier Vivace
Received a Staff Pick given by Diamondback


Background Color
Internal Name
A screenshot from the music video for the Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime, featuring David Byrne making a facial expression that can best be described as "unfortunate."
Silent Water Blue
Identical to the Stock configuration, save for a Christmas hat, rosier cheeks, and a white version of the background meant to invoke snow.
Snow White
santa byrne
Features Byrne with a more wistful expression, as a box of recently-put-away Christmas decorations taunts him from behind.
Silent Water Blue
january byrne
Byrne is out of toilet paper, and thanks to the mass hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, he is unable to buy more.
Empty Target Shelf Beige



  • SuperAusten64 was the first wiki user to turn his own user page into a half-informational half-narcissistic wiki-style page. Several others followed shortly after.
  • In real life, SuperAusten64 does not in fact resemble David Byrne.
  • SuperAusten64 doesn't mind if you just call him "Austen." Some users also refer to him as "SuperAusten," which sounds weirder to him but nonetheless he also accepts.
  • You can write anything[8] in a wiki article and make people think it's true[9] just by adding numerous citations,[10] because no one[11] ever reads the references.[12]
  • SuperAusten64 is killing car culture.

Further Information


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