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Nathan24™'s current avatar.
Manufacturer Homo Sapiens
Production 2005 - Present
Body and Chassis
Class Male
Body style Unknown
Layout Two-leg, two-arm
Heart Standard human heart
Brain Probably

Nathan24™ is the kind of user who likes to lurk around the forum and occasionally makes regretful posts.

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I like to collect Hot Wheels cars, mostly castings based off of pre-1990 cars and trucks, but I also collect other 1:64 scale brands as well, such as Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, M2 Machines, Greenlight, Autoworld, etc. However, I occasionally like to get cars of other scales as well, but I mostly like collect 1:64 scale because larger scales are more expensive to collect and take up more space.

Also formerly known as "HotWheelsCollector24™" for some time