Voting System

Voting System

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As of 11/14/16, a new inter-site voting system was created. Here is a quick tutorial on how that works. :)
To have this menu pop up, hover over the blue box underneath the quote button.

Voting System Options.png

The first option is the classic "like option" it's always been there, now it has a little makeover.
The second option is a dislike button. It's the opposite of liking something. REMOVED 11/15/16
The third button is the agree button. Use this if you agree with someone.
The fourth is disagree, the opposite of agree. REMOVED 11/15/16
The fifth is funny, if someone says something funny, use that.
The sixth is winner, that's for if you have a question or "guess the XYZ" thing. RENAMED TO AWESOME 11/15/16
The seventh is informative, and that's if someone says something helpful.
The eighth is friendly, WILL ADD SOON. REMOVED 11/15/16
The ninth is useful, for if someone says something... useful.
The tenth is optimistic, if someone is optimistic. REMOVED 11/15/16
And finally, the eleventh, creative. That's for if someone has a creative mod you like. REMOVED 11/15/16

Don't use these exact guidelines, break them. Just use some common sense.