Autobello Piccolina

Autobello Piccolina

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Autobello Piccolina.png
Screenshot of the front.

The Autobello Piccolina is a 1950s-70s Italian city car, mainly inspired by the Fiat 600 and takes a few cues from the Volkswagen Beetle and Subaru 360. It is also the first vehicle in the game to feature suicide doors.

"Today we’re introducing a new Italian marque – Autobello! Autobello was founded by Vincenzo Bello in 1948 to build affordable family cars after the second world war.

From 1957 to 1973, the Autobello Piccolina was produced in several different configurations. Powered by a rear-mounted air-cooled flat-4, it’s rear-wheel-drive, has torsion bar suspension and is extensively customizable. Light weight and lively handling characteristics combine for a thrilling drive." ~gabester.

The race version features Autobello Type 2 rims, a roll cage, custom wing over trunk for added down force, "Autobello corsa" livery with checkers, and a custom engine There are Baja, Race and Rally versions.

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- The AB Car is the Piccolina's nickname that existed before the official name was unveiled. This nickname was the result of the second ever teaser photo of the car, picturing the Autobello's former AB badge, which can be seen above.

- Since it was produced from 1957 to 1973, it is possible that it could have received a facelift during its production run.

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