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Graphics Options

Configure your graphical options in the options menu before playing. We recommend keeping Mesh Quality and Lighting Quality at Normal for most computers. You can bring up the options with CTRL + O at any time. Anisotropic Filtering can be increased to 16X with little noticeable performance impact.


For a complete list of controls, see Controls.

BeamNG currently supports driving with the keyboard or with an analog controller. Keyboard driving is not recommended, due to less control of the vehicles.

There is no setup required for using most major controllers - just plug it in and start the game.

The default button layout for an Xbox 360 Controller

Button Action
Left Thumbstick Steering
Right Thumbstick Orbit Camera
Back Change camera mode
Start Pause game
D-Pad Left Recover vehicle
D-Pad Right Retry scenario
D-Pad Top Headlights
D-Pad Bottom Hazard lights
A Shift up
B Zoom out
X Shift down
Y Zoom in
LB Clutch
RB Parking brake
Left Trigger Brake
Right Trigger Throttle
Press Right Thumstick Camera to default position

Keyboard users can drive with the arrow keys and move the camera with the mouse or numpad (reset camera with numpad 5).

Universal keyboard keys

  • CTRL: Show Controls
  • J: pause and unpause physics
  • R: respawn the vehicle
  • Q: toggle through shifter modes (automatic, full manual, manual with auto clutch)
  • Shift + B: toggle dynamic steering (disable dynamic steering if you use a wheel)
  • Shift + C: toggle free camera
  • Tab and Shift + Tab : switch through vehicles
  • <: toggle left turn signal
  • >: toggle right turn signal
  • /: toggle hazard lights
  • N: toggle headlights/brights
  • ALT+O: Screenshot

Steering wheels are also supported. Wheels like the Logitech G25/G27 or Fanatec series with 900 degree steering, clutch pedal, and H-shifter will work well in BeamNG. Input maps are customizable as well.

Configuring your own controller

There are several ways to set up new bindings in BeamNG.Drive. This is the simplest way:

1. Plug in your controller and start up BeamNG

2. Go to the "Controllers" menu.

3. Use the controller's button/axis/key you want to assign. If it's unassigned, a green highlight will appear with the new binding details.

4. Click "Choose action" on the top-left of screen, then click on the desired action.

5. Click the "Save" button to write the new binding to disk.

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