Cherrier Vivace

Cherrier Vivace

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Cherrier Vivace
Development screenshot
Manufacturer Cherrier
Production 2020 – present
Body and Chassis
Class Compact car
Body style 5-door hatchback
Layout Front-engine, FWD or AWD

The Cherrier Vivace is a 5-door hatchback built by Cherrier from 2020 onward. It is available with gasoline and diesel engines, as well as an electric motor. It will be released in an upcoming update.


Reserved for SuperAustin64 and Nathan24



  • The Vivace was originally intended to be a Hirochi, but it was decided that a new French brand would allow for more interesting design options.[1]
  • Prior to the Vivace's unveiling, a teaser image of the hood badge[2] (pictured in the gallery above) led to the car receiving several nicknames, namely ”the RR car” and “the Reverse card car” (named for the Reverse card in the card game Uno, which the badge resembles).
  • "Vivace" is pronounced "vi-vas."[3]
  • The Vivace is the first official car to have an I5 engine [4]

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