Derby Arenas

Derby Arenas

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Derby Arenas
Derby preview.png
Default preview of the Derby Arenas
Location Texas, United States
Biome Temperate, grassland
Size 1km2
Roads Some dirt roads
Features Derby arenas, dirt oval, warehouses
Applications Demolition derbies

NOTE : This page is very outdated! It will be updated soon!

The Derby Arenas are various lots of destruction in It is set in an early winter environment.

Unlike other maps that have racing or timed scenarios, this map is used for the Multiseat (localized multiplayer) scenarios which were added to in the 0.5 update.

List of Arenas

An overview of the level.

There are six arenas in this level. They are:

  • Normal (top-right): A classic demolition derby arena, made up of grass and dirt.
  • Oval (right): An 0-shaped track with an "X" connecting opposite turns (possibly for Figure-8 track configurations).
  • Pit (bottom-right): A concrete industrial platform. There is a wide gap from the outside, and a hole in the middle.
  • Mud Pit (center-left): Similar to Normal, but also contains mud puddles that can reduce your speed.
  • Varied Ground (far-left): An arena consisting of grass, dirt, mud, and concrete ground types.
  • Concrete (top): A concrete arena surrounded by buildings and concrete barriers. There is no real way to enter it while in Freeroam mode.


The starting location is at the center of the Oval track.

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