Dry Rock Island

Dry Rock Island

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Preview of Dry Rock Island. Images in later versions of the game have "DEPRECATED" shown on top.

Dry Rock Island is a long abandoned industrial island in BeamNG.drive. It features a port, an industrial area, and a residential neighbourhood.

On May 29, 2015, Jungle Rock Island became the official successor to this map. Dry Rock Island was removed from BeamNG.drive in version 0.9 and is now available at the game's Mod Repository.[1] Though Before it was removed Dry Rock Island was still accessable to BeamNG, only with an explanation saying it was going to be removed. Dry Rock Island was basically an experiment, and was no longer necessary when Jungle Rock Island was completed.


An overview of the level.

The starting location is a gas station near the southwestern corner of the map.

Size: 2048m x 2048m

Biome: Subtropical, forest, island

Roads: 40% asphalt, 30% dirt road, 30% trails and industrial roads

Suitable for: Rally, delivery

Features: Industrial site, port, dirt cliff roads

Authors: BeamNG