East Coast, USA

East Coast, USA

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East coast usa preview1.jpg
Preview of East Coast, USA

East Coast, USA (sometimes shortened down to ECA) is a map in BeamNG.drive, based heavily on Maine and New Hampshire.

It was the first map introduced with the first Experimental release of the game, along with Hirochi Raceway.

This map is located in the State of Maine, according to the default license plates set for this map. Also, the plates reveal the town on ECA to be the City of Firwood.


An asphalt road in ECA
A early preview map sketch of ECA

The map has six spawnpoints.

Size: 2048m x 2048m (4 km2)

Biome: temperate, forest, coastal

Roads: 70% fast asphalt, 25% fast dirt, 5% trails

Suitable for: rally, delivery

Features: small town, seaside cliff roads, forest roads, logging area, old houses

Authors: BeamNG


Here are the full resolution images used for the quickraces thumbnails :