Forum Rules

Forum Rules

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1 Dos ✔


1.1 Be nice and civil to others. There is another person sitting somewhere at their computer who typed that message.

1.2 Report things you think are not alright.

1.3 Ignore trolls and fights. Do not add to them, use the report button instead and let the staff deal with it

2 Do Not ❌

Here's some things to avoid:

2.1 Backseat moderate/play forum police; use the 'Report' button and leave that job to our staff.

2.2 Share your account or have more than one account. (1 account per person; no secondary, backup, or multiple accounts)

2.3 Exploit bugs. (Found a bug on the forums? Send a Private Message to a staff member and we will fix it as soon as possible.)

2.4 Roleplay or similar games on the forums; they are only allowed in private groups in order to not annoy the rest of the forums.

2.5 Advertise and/or linking non-official BeamNG forum/chat anywhere on the site (example. Fan-made BeamNG Discord servers and so on). Those will be removed.

2.6 Screaming 'bump' when somebody bumps a thread is highly discouraged (that is often much more annoying). Bumps are fine as long they are on topic and/or contributing to the topic.

Rethink something if you are not sure it's OK. If you are in doubt: Do not do it!

You can send a Private Message (PM/Conversation) to any our Staff members and ask beforehand eventually.

Posting any of these may result in:

  • Post being edited/removed with or without any notice.
  • Thread being locked/removed with or without any notice.
  • Warning point depending on the severity or frequency.

3 What's strictly off-limits ⛔

Things that absolutely won't be tolerated on the forums:

3.1 Inappropriate content. (Porn, Nazi, Sexual, Discrimination, Drugs, Gross, Piracy, NSFW and similar content)

3.2 Insulting, Flaming, Harassing, etc. and being rude to other users.

3.3 Political, Religious, or other controversial content. This forum is not a place for that.

3.4 Posting other people's personal information (of any kind) without their consent.

3.5 Starting, joining and/or fueling flamewars/catfights, drama and similar.

3.6 Creating fake/troll accounts. This type of action could lead to a permanent ban.

Posting any of these may result in:

  • Warning point (see next section)
  • BAN (either temporary or permanent, depending on the severity of the action)

Warning Points 🛑

Warnings points purpose is similar to the yellow-card in football.

If you receive one, it means you have done something in contrast to one of the points above (or that was reputed bad), discouraging from doing the same again.

Having an active warning point will show, for a determined period of time, a reminder-box similar to this


The box will disappear automatically past the warning expire date, as the box itself mentions.

In general, collecting a certain amount of warnings will result in:

Number of warnings Result
3 Warnings Potentially a temporary ban is issued
6 Warnings Potentially a permanent ban

Please note that the above table is not strictly applied. Every case is always personally considered.

revision of the 13rd October 2018