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Gavril is a fictional American automaker, known to produce passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy trucks.

Little is currently known about the corporate behaviour or history of Gavril. It is even unknown if Gavril has a corporate colour, as red, white, and blue all appear to have been used to promote Gavril vehicles at various times. It is not known when Gavril was founded, but the earliest Gavril vehicle known to the community at the time of this writing would be the 1963 Bluebuck. It is also known that Gavril's luxury subsidiary Burnside was producing passenger cars in 1953, but it is not known whether Burnside was under Gavril's control at that time.

It is known that Gavril once had a practice of beginning the names of all passenger cars with the letter B. Note that we have the Barstow, the Bluebuck, as well as the entire Burnside line. It is also worth noting that a seventies full-size sedan by the name of Beaufort was planned at one time, but it is unknown if it ever entered development.[1]

Gavril vehicles were also present in Rigs of Rods, and if taken as canon to Beamng.Drive, they imply that sometime between 2000-2010, Gavril began the practice of giving all their passenger cars European style alphanumerical names (MV4, MZ2, GV3, etc.) The Gavril Bandit, an early-seventies muscle car created for Rigs of Rods, follows the B-naming scheme. This practice appears to have fallen out of favour at some point before the release of the Grand Marshal.

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Type 1980s 1990s 2000s
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Full-size Grand Marshal
Full-size pickup D-Series
Full-size SUV Roamer
Van H-Series
Semi T-Series