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{{Gavril Early Timeline}}
{{Gavril Early Timeline}}
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Gavril Bluebuck
1963 Gavril Bluebuck
Manufacturer Gavril
Production 1963 - 1965 (approximate)
Body and Chassis
Class Fullsize
Body style Sedan
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive

The 1963 Gavril Bluebuck will be a 60s full-size American sedan. It will likely be available with both straight six and V8 engine options. It takes a few cues from the Chevrolet Impala and Dodge 880.


A very typical early 60s full-size American sedan. Wraparound windows, massive bumper guards, and a decent helping of chrome.

—Gabester, BeamNG Dev Blog, 28 January 2013

The Bluebuck's first visual representation was posted shortly after the first vehicle poll, in which the sedan was not included, was considered finished. Its result was eighth place in a later poll, however, hinting that the community did not desire the vehicle's immediate appearance in BeamNG.drive.[1] This, along with the fact that similarly-classed vehicles have outnumbered other vehicle archetypes for a long while,[2] has possibly contributed to the Bluebuck's delayed development schedule.

Little word was given about the state of the vehicle's development until 2018, when it has been stated that the Bluebuck was undergoing development once again.[3] It was later confirmed to be in-game in February 2019, after over six years since its first announcement,[4] the second-longest of any of the original vehicles from before the game's first release. Finally, an in-game video was posted that June, showing the furnished Bluebuck chassis performing a suspension test on the Grid Map. In the same video, a second Bluebuck (with its body attached as well) can also be seen in the background behind some ramps, hypothesizing that it may be close to completion.[5]


Further Information


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