Gavril D15

Gavril D15

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Gavril D15

The standard, inline-6, RWD equipped D15. The V8 4WD model is identical to this standard model in terms of aesthetics.

The Gavril D15 is a two-door pickup truck built by Gavril. As of the current version of (0.3), the D15 is the vehicle with the most customisation options. The standard D15 is powered by a 233 cubic inch I6 engine, with a 4-speed column-shifted automatic transmission. The vehicle weighs in at roughly 4400 lbs. The D15 can be upgraded to the D15 Sport package, which swaps out the I6 for a V8 engine with 260 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque, an overhauled "sport" suspension system, and custom 18 inch wheels. A racing wheel and tighter steering rack is also included by default with the Sport model.

All models of the Gavril D15 share the same basic characteristics. The suspension is soft, allowing for a comfortable ride across bumpy terrain at the expense of sharp, responsive controls. All D15s have relatively good crash safety, with the bed and hood sections capable of absorbing the brunt of an impact, with the passenger compartment remaining in good shape to protect the occupants. The push bar and rollcage of the D15 Offroad variand heighten the vehicle's safety, offering increased protection in frontal impacts and rollovers.

V8 4WD

The V8 powered D15 Sport.

The second model is the V8 4WD model. This truck is identical in suspension and body style to the standard D15, but includes the same engine as the V8 Sport model, and installs a front transfer case to convert the truck to four-wheel drive, allowing greater off road ability. The V8 4WD model also comes in a stripped form, which removes every panel and part, excluding the bare necessities (everything necessary for the vehicle to move is left intact). The bed is removed, as are the doors, front fascia, hood, and lights. This model allows more flexibility with installing aftermarket parts if required.

V8 4WD Offroad

The offroad edition of the D15.

The last alternative model is the 4WD Offroad variant. This model is drastically different to the stock D15, combining the front transfer case and V8 engine of the roadgoing 4WD model with an overhauled suspension setup, including stronger but softer coils, an off-road front sway bar, and thicker, taller tires to allow great versatility when on harsh terrain. As for external differences, the front is protected by a small tubular frame, with a roll cage consisting of a similar tube frame spanning half of the bed's length at the rear. The fenders are also widened with black fender flares.

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