Gavril H-Series

Gavril H-Series

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H15 Vanster

The factory-spec H15 Vanster.

The Gavril H15 Vanster is a full-size van manufactured by Gavril. The H15 is a typical van, based on generic designs of vans from between the late 90s and the mid 2000s. The H-Series has the same powertrain options as the D-Series. It comes stock with the 4.5L V8 shared with the D-Series and Grand Marshal.

The standard model is equipped with a 4-speed automatic gearbox (although it is possible to swap the 4-speed with a 6-speed transmission), which couples the engine with the rear wheels to make a RWD drivetrain. A front transfer case can be added to convert the vehicle to 4WD if necessary. The H15 also has a 90L fuel tank, located in front of the rear axles.

The suspension setup is typical for a van, a relatively soft setup including a live rear axle suspension for the rear, and independent suspension in the front with IFS coilovers to allow for comfortable driving along uneven terrain, with a decent amount of ground clearance for driving on harsher roads. The base model H15 weighs about 2300kg. As of the pre-race update, the H-Series has editable decals like those on the Grand Marshal, allowing for logos and text that aren't mirrored on the right side.

The stripped down, panel-less H15.

The Stripped is a variant of the H15 that contains only the extreme necessities required to operate. The vehicle is a bare chassis with a cab, containing only the driver's seat, a steering wheel and dashboard, the powertrain of the vehicle, a fuel tank, and wheels. This version is equipped with a front transfer case, and is 4WD by default. It also has Stage 1 engine tuning. As it lacks body panels, the stripped H15 weighs in at just 1600kg, around the weight of an average sedan.

As of the pre-race update, the H-Series can have Stage 1 and Stage 2 engine tuning added, since it uses the same V8 as the D-Series and Grand Marshal. The Drift Missile is an almost completely stripped out H15 Cabster with a drift steering rack, Stage 2 engine tuning, removed exhaust and spare tire, and welded rear differential.

H45 Cabster

The heavy duty H45 Cabster.

The Gavril H45 Cabster has a 0.5m longer wheelbase, heavy duty frame, heavy duty suspension, and heavy duty wheels. In addition, it can be fitted with various upfits, including a cargo box. Despite being almost a ton heavier than the standard H15 at 3200kg, the Cabster is equipped with the same 4.5L V8 engine as its factory-spec counterpart. It does, however, come with a 6-speed automatic transmission, an upgrade over the standard 4-speed found in the H15.

As the Cabster is based on the same chassis as the Vanster, most modifications or options available for the Vanster can be fitted on both models, meaning that both the 4.1L I6 engine and the 4WD transfer case can be applied to the Cabster.

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