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Gavril Roamer
Gavril Roamer V8 4WD XT.png
1995 Gavril Roamer V8 XT
Manufacturer Gavril
Production 1992 - 1999
Body and Chassis
Class Mid-size SUV
Body style 4-door SUV
Layout Front-engine, 4WD or RWD
Related Gavril D-Series

The Gavril Roamer is a Midsize SUV, similar to some 1990s SUVs such as the Isuzu Trooper and Ford Explorer. It shares the same chassis, suspension, and engine options as the Gavril D15.


It's been partially finished sitting on my hard drive for a year and I just had the brilliant idea to stick it on the D15 chassis. I can re-use everything - the frame, suspension, engine, running gear.

—Gabester, BeamNG forums, 16 September 2013

According to gabester, the Gavril Roamer dates back to 2012, which is the same year BeamNG was founded and development of their game was underway. The first screenshot which he had provided was "hacked together" in modeling software onto the completed chassis of the Gavril D15. Word since that point has been relatively quiet until 2015, when he presented an early-stage in-game screen of the Roamer doing a drift, apparently with a functioning UV mask for its color.[1]

Subsequent media showed various states of progression in modeling and texturing, and by the time development snapshots for were released in mid-April 2015,[2] in which it was included, the Roamer was superficially complete, albeit with some parts in need of polishing. This was completed in the following two weeks, and the vehicle was officially released on 30 April 2015, along with the Ibishu 200BX, in the final version of

Since its release, the Roamer has undergone several changes over the years, having parts added and issues fixed. Some of its more prominent updates include new roof rack props (in 0.4.1, with major revisions in 0.15.0), UV mapping for liveries (of which several have been added since 0.4.3), new engines and drivetrain options (especially in common with the D-Series), and a model refresh for improved geometrical proportions (in 0.16.0)[3]. In the upcoming 0.18 update, it will also have its frame and body completely physically separable, like the 0.17.1 "remaster" of the Gavril Grand Marshal.[4]

Overview of models

All factory models of the roamer very similar due to it having less variety than it's chassis-sharing brother, the Gavril D-Series. The roamer is a relatively safe and durable SUV that was made from 1992 to 1999. The Roamer has more round edges than the D-Series, even though that the D-Series is a facelifted vehicle. The Roamer features the same suspension that is in the D-Series, though, the Roamer doesn't have all the heavy-duty leaf springs and shocks as the D-Series, because it is more family oriented, and isn't made to carry as much as load as the D-Series. The roamer has a lot of body roll, even more than the D-Series because the Roamer's curb weight is more than the D-Series'.


The base model has a measly I6 with 167 BHP and 287 NM of torque. It comes with the base gray interior and comes with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. It weighs 2115 kg and has the stock 16 inch black steel wheels. It should be mentioned that this model doesn't have roof racks.

I6 4WD

Same as the I6, but has 4WD, hence the name.


The V8 upgrades to a beefy and robust 4.5L V8 with 218 BHP and 322 NM of torque. It comes with a black interior and comes with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed auto, weighs 2190 kg and upgrades to a set of more fancy-looking Gavril D-alloy wheels. It should be mentioned that the 4.5L V8 has 2 stages of engine tuning.

V8 4WD

The V8 4WD is the same as the V8, but it has 4WD, and locking wheel hubs.


The V8 XT has a more powerful 5.5L V8 with 237 BHP and 378 NM of torque, and upgrades to the 17 inch Terra-XT wheels made by Gavril, and weighs 50kg more than both the V8 models, and has body colored trim and running boards.


The V8 XT 4WD is the same as the V8 XT, has 4WD, and has a two tone paintjob.

V8 Sport

The V8 Sport has a high-output 5.5L V8, making 336 BHP and 429 NM of torque via a Stage one upgraded Long block. Comes in either a manual or a auto, and has Gavril Sport5 17 inch chrome rims and features car-like handling. It weighs 2190 kg.

V8 Off-Road

This is the Off-Road version of the Roamer, and it has 502 BHP and a very high torque output of 802 NM, thanks to a Stage 2 supercharged 5.5L V8 with an adjustable race ECU and has a heavy duty long block. It is quite good in off-road thanks to its special off-road front and rear suspension, its 33 inch off-road wheels and has accommodating fender flares, and is durable thanks to its custom metal off-road bumpers. It has a nicely detailed roof rack with 2 20L fuel canisters, a BeamNG labeled tool box, a spare tire and 2 bright lights. It has a snorkel and racing seats only in the front, and weighs 2365 kg and only comes in manual, and has a tendency to roll when turning sharply, or drifting without the transfercase connected. Strangely enough, even though, in its thumbnail, it was red, it spawned blue in the 0.15 update. This was fixed in the 0.16 update and now the thumbnail shows a blue roamer.

V8 Sheriff

Same as the XT 4WD, has steelies, a push bar, a light bar, spotlights, and weighs 2305 kg.

V8 Sheriff Off-Road

It is the same as the Sheriff, but has lifted suspension and 31 inch off-road tires, but this has a bull-bar instead of a push bar. It weighs 2325 kg.

V8 Fire Chief

Same as the Sheriff Off-Road, but has a fire fighter paintjob, and a red light bar.

Performance Comparison

Gavril Roamer Model Specifications
V8 4WD
V8 Sport
Sheriff Off-Road
Fire Chief
Engine & Drivetrain
4.1L I6
4.5L V8
5.5L V8
Drive wheels
Stage 2 Supercharger
Horsepower (bhp)
At (rpm)
4150 - 5150
4500 - 5600
Torque (Nm)
At (rpm)
1200 - 4050
2700 - 4800
2500 - 4850
3050 - 4900
5 speed Manual
4 speed Auto
5 speed Manual
Rear 3.55 Open
Front 3.55 Open
Rear 3.55 Open
Front 3.55 Open
Rear 3.55 LSD
Front 4.10 Open
Rear 4.10 LSD
Front 3.55 Open
Rear 3.55 LSD
Front 4.10 Locking
Rear 4.10 Locking
Weight (kg)
16x8 Steel
17x8 Gavril D-Alloy
17x8 Gavril Terra-XT
17x9 Gavril Sport5
16x8 Steel
17x9 Grip-All TXR Off-Road
0 - 60mph (100km/h)
11.3 s (12 s)
9.5 s (10.2 s)
8.2 s (8.8 s)
4.9 s (5.2 s)
8.5 s (9.1 s)
8.9 s (9.5 s)
8.9 s (9.6 s)
4.8 s (5.2 s)
Top Speed (mph)


Further Information


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  3. BeamNG Forums: 0.16 Discussion Thread
  4. BeamNG Dev Blog: Minor update 0.17.1 released!, under the "Grand Marshal" subheader.
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