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Gavril T-Series
1978 Gavril T75 with fifth wheel upfit
Manufacturer Gavril
Production 1977 - 1986
Body and Chassis
Class Heavy duty tractor unit
Layout FR layout

The Gavril T-Series is a line of heavy-duty trucks built by Gavril, featuring a turbo-charged 10.6L I6 Diesel engine and a 12 speed manual transmission. It resembles the looks of an early 1980s International 9300.


The Gavril T75 in-game as of November 2013, showing fifth-wheel upfit.'s your typical run-of-the-mill semi truck, from the early 80s I suppose.

—Gabester, BeamNG Forums, 11 September 2013

The first screenshot of the T75 (as it was then called) was posted by gabester in February 2013, showing only its untextured chassis and ten wheels. [1] Unlike most of the other vehicles, it was never given a short blog entry. Instead, a primitive render was posted on the forums in September 2013.[2] As the vehicle was not shown before 2013, it was not given a spot in the first official vehicle poll.

The T75 was released with the Experimental 0.3.6 update on September 9, 2014, in an incomplete state. As the creator dealt with personal issues, it was given few significant improvements during most of the Experimental phase. A shorter T65 model (with only one rear dually) would however be added in the stable update, prompting the full-scale name change to "T-Series". The cosmetics of this truck lineup would not be considered complete until the release of on April 1, 2015.

Since its release, several improvements and content expansions have been applied to expand the available configurations of the two primordial models in the truck's lineup as well as for potential future functionality. These include various road-work upfits, a sleeper cab extension for the T75 (in, and trailer coupling via the fifth-wheel upfit (in 0.6.0). Also added or improved since its release are the tires (including the implementation of real duallies in 0.12.0), a second UV channel for liveries (in 0.13.0), new turbocharger options, and exhaust pipe part swapping (in 0.16.0).

Overview of Models

The T-Series comes in a 2-axle 4x2 layout called the T65, which comes in 2 flavors. A short one and a long one. The short T65 can only install the 5th wheel upfit, but the long chassis can attach the cargo box, the dump body, the car hauler, the flatbed, the mixer and the 5th wheel as well. Though using the T65 as a mixer is not recommended because the chassis may bend under hard driving and bumpy roads. The T-Series comes in a 3-axle 6x4 layout called the T75 as well, and this model only has one chassis length. It can install every upfit that there is.

T65 Base (Short)

This is the most bare-bones truck that you can get from the factory, has a T300 turbo that cranks out 309 BHP and 1466 NM of torque, only a passenger side exhaust and only one fuel tank on the passenger side, and steel wheels. Strangely enough, even though the in-game description says "ready to install a upfit", the base short T65 already comes with a 5th wheel attached.

T65 Base (Long)

The same truck mentioned above, but with a longer chassis and no upfit.

T75 Base

This base model has no upfit, 2 fuel tanks, a passenger side exhaust, aluminum wheels and the same engine as the other base models.

T65 Fifth Wheel Upfit

This is a T65 that comes with a 5th wheel. This is practically the same as the base short T65, but it has aluminum wheels and a second fuel tank.

T65 Fifth Wheel Upfit (Long)

This is a long T65 that comes with a 5th wheel. This is practically the same as the base long T65, but it has a 5th wheel and a second fuel tank.

T75 Fifth Wheel Upfit

This is the T-Series that started it all. This model has a upgraded turbo called the T350 which makes 359 BHP and 1719 NM of torque, has 2 exhausts, aluminum wheels and 2 fuel tanks.

T65 Flatbed

This is a long T65 that has a flatbed installed, a T350 turbo, only 1 exhaust , steel wheels, and 2 fuel tanks.

T65 Car Hauler Upfit

Same as the Flatbed, but has a car hauler upfit.

T65 Cargo Box

Same as the flatbed, but has a cargo box upfit.

T75 Dump Bed Upfit

This is a T75 that has a T350 turbo, a bull-bar, 2 exhausts, 2 fuel tanks, aluminum wheels, and of course, the dump bed.

The following models all have the same engine, but only differ in styling

T75 Long Haul

Has a sleeper and a two-tone paintjob.

T75 Long Haul Special

This is the same truck mentioned above, but has a bull-bar, a bug shield, custom exhaust pipes, and a custom livery.

T75 Patriot Special

This is a very american truck, with a patriotic paintjob, a bug shield and custom exhaust pipes.

T75 Cement Mixer Upfit

This is a mixer truck that has steel wheels, 2 exhausts, 2 fuel tanks and a two-tone livery.

T65 Ram Plow

This is a T65 with a massive turbo that cranks out 607 BHP and a staggering 2696 NM of torque which is probably enough to slow down earth's rotation, has a 5th wheel for very fast deliveries, custom exhausts, and of course, the ram plow. If you have a problem, this truck probably could solve it.

Performance Comparison

Gavril T-Series Model Specifications
Fifth Wheel
Cargo Box
Car Hauler
Ram Plow
Fifth Wheel
Long Haul
Cement Mixer
Dump Truck
Engine & Drivetrain
10.6L I6 TCX Diesel
T300 Turbocharger
T350 Turbocharger
T600 Turbocharger
T350 Turbocharger
T400 Turbocharger
T350 Turbocharger
Drive wheels
Horsepower (bhp)
At (rpm)
1500 - 2100
Torque (Nm)
At (rpm)
1200 - 1700
1050 - 1650
900 - 1550
1050 - 1600
1050 - 1650
1000 - 1600
1050 - 1650
12-speed Manual
Rear 3.00 Open
Rear Locking 3.00 Open
Rear 3.00 Open
1st Rear 3.00 Open
2nd Rear 3.00 Open
1st Rear Locking 3.00 Open
2nd Rear Locking 3.00 Open
Weight kg
Front 22x10 Aluminium
Rear 22x10 Aluminium
Front 22x10 Steel
Rear 22x10 Steel
Front 22x10 Aluminium
Rear 22x10 Aluminium
Front 22x10 Aluminium
2x Rear 22x10 Aluminium
Front 22x10 Steel
2x Rear 22x10 Steel
Front 22x10 Aluminium
2x Rear 22x10 Aluminium
0 - 60mph (100km/h)
25.4 s (26.4 s)
25 s (26 s)
23.4 s (25.4 s)
21.4 s (22.3 s)
15.8 s (16.3 s)
26.2 s (27.3 s)
25.7 s (26.7 s)
41 s (43.5 s)
32 s (33.7 s)
Top Speed mph


Further Information


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