How to install mods

How to install mods

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Video Guide

This video gives visual examples for both 'Automatic / In-game Repository' and 'Manual' methods

In-Game Repository

An in-game repository has been added in version 0.11 of the game. From there it's possible to browse and subscribe/download mods directly in-game.

(to be expanded soon..)

Installing Resources (Manual Method)

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Download your mods from your preferred site. If from, you can use the orange 'Download' button.

Mods must be in a properly structured ZIP file.

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Move the ZIP in Documents/BeamNG.Drive/mods (If you don't have a mods folder, simply create one)

Do not extract the content from the ZIP!

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Where To Find New Content

In our Repositories :)

Common Issues

The mods I installed manually is not appearing in-game

Possible causes are:

  • The mod is installed in the wrong folder: A common mistake is installing the mod in the wrong place. Please make sure you have used the correct 'mods' folder and have not extracted the ZIP.
  • The mod may be packed wrongly: The mod is not packed with the correct folder structure. This is common for mods coming from third-party sites.

The mods I installed disappeared after an update

This can happen if the mods were installed in the wrong place, for example inside the Steam folder. Steam will wipe non-game files when updating games.

I don't see the Repository button in the main menu

Please check that you have 'Online Features' enabled in Options > User Interface. If disabled, the Repository button will not be shown.