How to install mods

How to install mods

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Installing Resources (Automatic)

Pre-requisites (How to enable the 'Green Install' button)

  • 1. Make sure you have a forum account and that you are logged in from your default internet browser.

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, click the "Mods" button


  • 3. Then, click "Add Content". This will give your forum account permanent access to the automatic installation features.


Downloading & Installing mods

  • 4. Find a mod on the MODS section of the website, and you should now see a big green "Install" button. Simply click on it to install.

Repo tutorial install.png (Click "Launch Application" if your browser prompts you to Launch BeamNG.)

  • 5. That's it!

Repo tutorial install 3.png Repo tutorial install 4.png

Note : You may need to perform a game restart in order for mods to appear in game.

Note2 : The content downloaded with automatic installation goes directly in C:\users\<username>\Documents\\mods (Unless a different path is specified in the startup.ini file)

Installing Resources (Manual Method)

  • To install mods manually, download its corresponding ZIP file Repo tutorial install 5.png , and place the ZIP in the Documents\\mods folder.

Where To Find New Content

In our Repositories :)