Incompatible Third Party Software

Incompatible Third Party Software

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This page will guide you on solving any problems that could be caused by External Third-Party Softwares.

The list will extended if needed.

BitDefender (Intrusion Detection)


This program could cause the game to not run in 64-bit mode, forcing a 32-bit mode.

It could also block access to the Documents folder and cause Failed to write ShaderStream errors. In that case add the .exe shown in the image on the right to the 'Trusted Applications' list

Adobe SVG Viewer

This program could cause the UI, specifically 'apps' to not render correctly and actually save them in the 'Documents/BeamNG.Drive/mods' folder.

If you have that, and you experience that problem, uninstalling the program is suggested.

Avast Antivirus

This program could block the installation of mods in the in-game repository.

If this is the case, you need to add the BeamNG path to the exception list in Avast '(Avast -> Menu -> Settings -> Exceptions)', which may look like this: 'D:\Steam\steamapps\common\' Note that this path is different for each user, make sure you name your exact drive and folders in the path.

In some rare cases you might also need to add 'C:\Users\(name of the user)\Documents\' to the exception list.

If you want to find the name of the user, 'Press Windows+X -> Settings -> Accounts'

MSI Gaming App

This program could cause half of the game to render a purple triangle.

If you have that, and you experience that issue, you need to disable the 'In-game Overlay' option from that app.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Antivirus / Web Companion / Other software

That program is well known of causing issues with many programs.

We received many reports with traces of this program that are trying to interfering with the game, making it crash.

If you have unistalled it (or it doesn't appear as installed program), but the problem persist, delete 'LavasoftTcpService64.dll' located in C:\Windows\System32

More informations can be found here: Lavasoft

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.x & 2

This program will make BeamNG.Drive crash. In details, a 'program has stopped working' window would appear saying it crashes on 'SDHook64.dll'.

Some user reported that unistalling and reinstalling this software should work.


This program can cause many games to crash.

Only solution is to remove this program and make sure that 'EasyRedirect64.dll' is removed from C:\Windows\System32

HideMyIP / My Privacy Tools SecureNet Service

These programs will cause the game to crash.

This is due the 'HMIPCore64.dll' file located in C:\Windows\System32 the program inserts.

Only solution is to uninstall the software and make sure the dll is gone.


This program will cause the game to crash.

This is due the 'SafeIPs64.dll' file located in C:\Windows\System32 which is part of this program.

Solution is to uninstall the software and make sure the dll is gone.


This program is categorized as malware. In particular, it's an 'Ad Injector' (ie. It will start spamming your browser with advertisement).

Run a scan with a reliable anti-malware (Malwarebytes, adwcleaner and etc.) or delete manually the 'MZA64.dll' from C:\Windows\System32-

Astrill VPN Proxy

This program can cause the game to crash (or cause incompatibilities in any case)

Uninstall and remove the 'ASProxy64.dll' file located in C:\Windows\System32.


This program can cause the game to crash on launch.

This program should come with an uninstaller of its own. Once uninstalled, it's better double check that the 'gogogoradio64.dll' is removed from C:\Windows\System32.


This file comes with different programs, like MotionJoy, some cheap wheels drivers and some Mayflash products' drivers.

The 'EZFRD64.dll' file is known to make a lot of game crash, including ours.

It's usually located in C:/Windows/USB_Vibration (Or the path that was indicated by our staff, if you were linked here). The path may vary a bit sometimes.

Many crash reports caused due to this file can be found on other game's forums.

Only known solution to this is to make sure that the DLL is removed from your system.

Nielsen Digital Voice

This program could cause the game to crash.

Only known solution is to uninstall the software itself.

PCPitStop Super Shield

This software will make the game crash at launch.

In addition, this software's official site is marked as 'Fraudolent/Scam' site from Google search, so better not have it installed on your PC.

To solve the game crashing, uninstall the software and make sure that the 'PCPitStop' folder is completely gone from the installation path (By default C:\Program Files (x86)

Identity Cloaker

This software will make the game crash at launch.

To solve, remove the 'ICProxy64.dll' file located in C:\Windows\System32\

YouSee Sikkerhedspakke

This antivirus could block the game from launching. Disabling the 'Deep Guard' function has been reported to solve the issue (White-listing BeamNG.Drive should also work more likely, hasn't been tested)

Acronis True Image

This program, in particular the 'Anti-Ransomware' service it includes could make the game either not start, or freeze completely and randomly. Disabling the 'Anti-Ransomware' service should solve it.

Update: On the latest versions of this program, use the 'Trust this software' button to avoid the program causing problems with the game.

IOBit Malware Fighter

This program could block the game from accessing its own game files. It could show a notification about it (Sometimes it doesn't). If you have problems with the game, and have this software installed, please whitelist the game's main directory

Trend Micro Security

A report that this software could cause the game, or the User Interface to not run normally. If you are experiencing issues, and have this software, try to disable it.

Discord In-game Overlay

As of 03/10/2017 The in-game overlay feature of Discord could cause the game to crash. If you have it, and are experiencing problems, try to disable it.

MSI Afterburner / RivaTuner

Please make sure your software is up to date or disable if issues still occurs.

Razer Cortex

The in-game overlay could cause the game to crash. Please disable if you are experiencing problems.

Windows Defender

While Windows Defender doesn't cause any sort of issue for the majority, on some rare cases it could prevent the game from accessing the default 'userfolder' location (Documents/

That would cause things like your settings, mods and etc. not to be saved.

If you experience such issues, and are not caused by the other programs in this list, try checking with the "Controlled folder access" option turned off in Windows Defender.

OneDrive (Windows 10)

For a few people with Windows 10 and OneDrive enabled, the game could have issues launching, as OneDrive could be locking files the game needs to modify while it's syncing.

The game's userfolder by default is located at Documents/, but with OneDrive enabled, it goes into OneDrive/

If this is your case, you should try to move the userfolder from OneDrive/ to somewhere else, following this guide:

Duet Displays

For some users, this program could mess with the video drivers, and cause the game to not launch properly.

Try to either disable or uninstall it.

EVGA Precision X

The program itself does not usually causes problems in most cases.

Although a very few number of users using old versions of this software, had crashing issues related to it.

If you have the same, try updating or disable the software.