Jungle Rock Island

Jungle Rock Island

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Preview of Jungle Rock Island

Jungle Rock Island (sometimes abbreviated as JRI), is a dense jungle Island map in BeamNG.drive. It is the successor to Dry Rock Island, which has now been deprecated.

This is the second most recent map in the game. The map after this one, Utah, was released in


The default starting location is at a bend in the vicinity of the volcano.

Size: 2048m x 2048m (4 km2)

Biome: tropical, jungle, island

Roads: 70% asphalt (half high speed, half winding mountain roads), 30% dirt trails

Suitable for: rally, drift, trails, delivery

Features: industrial site, port, cliff roads, dormant volcano,

Authors: BeamNG

Notable Landmarks

The island includes several defining landmarks. These include an airfield, observatory, port, volcano, industrial site, and several others. The industrial site, port, observatory, and airfield (Hangar spawn point) are spawn points the player may spawn at from initially loading the map, but other landmarks are only accessible through driving.