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This page will guide you on solving any problems related to the Lavasoft Software/File that could interfere with the correct functions of the game.

What is Lavasoft?

Lavasoft is a company that produces Spyware and Malware detection softwares. They are known to hide their software into third-party installers, thus reaching unwilling users in the same way used by the malware they claim to fight

- Quoted from Lavasoft's Wikipedia article

Why the game warns me about it?

BeamNG.Drive warning about Lavasoft software

As BeamNG.Drive uses an User Interface based on CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework), it may be seen as a web browser.

The Lavasoft software tends to hook into other programs, especially browsers. When it hooks into BeamNG.Drive, it causes the UI to not work correctly, showing only a black screen.

Why the game would run in 32-bit mode

Due the 'unwanted' presence of this software on many PCs, BeamNG added a fallback to prevent this software to break the UI.

This fallback consist in making the game run in 32-bit mode, which seems to avoid issues caused by Lavasoft.

Although, the game will warn you about it, as 32-bit softwares are limited to 4GB of RAM only. Using more complex maps may result in a out of memory errors.

How can I remove it?

Method 1

To remove this software check if it appears in your Installed Programs list. If it does, uninstall it from there.

If the problem persists, see the method below.

Method 2

Sometimes the software isn't listed on Installed Programs, or Uninstalling it may not solve the issue. In this case, deleting LavasoftTcpService64.dll located in C:\Windows\System32 will solve the issue permanently.

This file doesn't belong to Windows, so it's relatively safe to remove it, especially if you haven't installed the software by yourself.