Level temperature

Level temperature

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Level Ambiant Temperature

Since the latest version, a better management of temperature is introduced. The temperature is now defined in terms of altitude and time in the game.

The temperature management influences the gameplay for engines and brakes cooling.

Define level temperature for a map creator

Temperature Curve : This is the fonction who define the temperature curve , it's located on the main mission file (.mis) of the map.

It's defined by groups of two digits , the first is the time scale (from 0 to 1) , and the second is the temperature at this time (in degres celsus) :


  • Time Scale : The scale is from 0 = 12:00 to 1= 12:00 , all intermediate values are the time of the day , exemple : 0.25 = 06:00pm , 0.75 = 06:00am

  • Temperature : The defined temperature is at the sea level of the map , exemple if the code is 1 25 , that mean at 12:00 the temperature will be 25°C ,

nb: it's required to have the same temperature defined at 0 and 1.