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There are currently 22 announced vehicles. 16 are released.

Brand Name State
Bruckell Moonhawk released as of
LeGran unreleased
Burnside 1953 Burnside Special released as of 0.5.1
Civetta Bolide released as of 0.3
ETK 2400i unreleased
800 Series unreleased
Gavril Barstow released as of
Bluebuck unreleased
D-Series released as of 0.3
H-Series released as of 0.3
T-Series released as of 0.3.6
Grand Marshal released as of 0.3
Roamer released as of
Hirochi SBR4 released as of 0.4.2
Sunburst released as of 0.3.6
Ibishu 200BX released as of
Covet released as of 0.3
Miramar unreleased
Pessima released as of
Pigeon released as of
1988 Pessima released as of 0.5.0
Soliad Wendover unreleased


Name Status
Cliff released as of 0.3
Derby Arenas released as of 0.3
Dry Rock Island deprecated as of 0.5
East Coast, USA released as of 0.3.6
Grid Map released as of 0.3
Hirochi Raceway released as of 0.3.6
Industrial Site released as of 0.3
Jungle Rock Island released as of 0.4
Port released as of
Small Island, USA released as of 0.3
Grid, Small, Pure released as of 0.3
Utah unreleased


Name Image Description Controls Status
Large Angle Tester Angletester.jpg The Large Angle tester was initially designed to test and perfect the grip thresholds for dynamic collisions.
  • PAGEUP: Extends the angle of the tester.
  • PAGEDOWN: Lowers the angle of the tester.
Large Bridge Largebridge.jpg The Large Bridge was also designed to test and perfect the grip thresholds for dynamic collisions, debug any collision problems the tires might have with other vehicles & test wind simulation. none
Large Cannon Largecannon.jpg The Large Cannon was a fun experiment to push the limits of inter-vehicular collisions.
  • SPACE: Fires the cannon.
  • PAGEUP: Extends the cannon's firing angle.
  • PAGEDOWN: Lowers the cannon's firing angle.
Large Crusher Largecrusher.jpg The Large Crusher was one of the first collision debugging tools. The Crusher played a huge part in updating and stabilizing the dynamic collisions we see today.
  • : Close the crusher and compress objects.
  • : Open the spinner and release objects.
Large Hamster Wheel Largehamsterwheel.jpg The Large Hamster Wheel was another fun experiment to see what's possible in, needless to say, the results are great.
  • SPACE: Detaches the wheel from the frame.
Inflated Mat Inflatablemat.png The Inflated Mat was brought forth to test the technique of pressure approximation and fidelity. none
Large Metal Ramp Largeramp.png The Large Metal Ramp prop can be used for large jumps. It could also be useful for loading things onto very high trailers. none
Large Roller Largeroller.jpg The Large Roller was yet another fun experiment to truly push the limits of, it was also used to debug & stabilize collisions.
  • Q: Switch transmission setup (use Manual or Manual Automatic Clutch)
  • X: Accelerate the roller forward.
  • Z: Accelerate the roller backward.
Rollover Sled Rollingroamer.png The Rollover Sled was designed to enable people to have realistic roll testing. It can also be used to smash things.
  • P or SPACE: Toggle the sled to activated or deactivated state.
  • : Activate the sled (send it's object rolling).
  • : Deactivate the sled (bring it back to start position).
Large Spinner Largespinner.png The Large Spinner is a fun interactive prop to destroy whatever you throw at it. You can either have quadruple or double 'arms', selectable in the parts configuration.
  • : Accelerate the spinner to the left.
  • : Accelerate the spinner to the right.
Street Light Streetlight.png The Street Light is a light. You can turn it on and off.
  • P: Toggle the state of the streetlight.
Large Tilt Board Tiltboard.jpg The Large Tilt Board was a quick and simple experiment to show how easily can simulate interactive props. none
Cinderblock Wall Cinderblock.png The Cinderblock Wall is a destructible prop. May pave the way for destructible buildings in the future. none
Concrete Retaining Wall Concretewall.png The Concrete Retaining Wall is a wall that has 28 large studded blocks in a pyramid shape. The wall is very strong and hard to knock down without a large SUV or semi. none
Flip Ramp Flipramp.png The Flip Ramp is a narrow metal ramp. Useful for stunts or loading things onto flatbeds or trailers. none
Hay Bale Haybale.png The Hay Bale is used in various scenarios for barriers, but they may also act as cargo or be smashed into. none
Kick Plate Kickplate.png The Kick Plate was introduced to demonstrate the Electronic Stability Control feature on the Hirochi Sunburst. none
Metal Box Metalbox.png The Metal Box has 4 different weight options, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, or even 1 tonne. Stack them up, carry them around, the choice is yours. none
Metal Ramp Metalramp.png The Metal Ramp prop is useful for loading vehicles onto the H45 Flatbed.. Or for doing jumps. none
Old Cannon Oldcannon.png The Old Cannon is a modern replica of mid-18th century English cannon. For, it is used mainly in battles involving cars.
  • PAGEUP: Extends the cannon's firing angle.
  • SPACE: Fires the cannon.
  • PAGEDOWN: Lowers the cannon's firing angle.
Road Signs Stopsign.png The Road Signs prop comes with 7 selectable sign types, 5 speed limit signs, a stop sign, and a yield sign. none
Rocks and Boulders Rocks+boulders.png The Rocks and Boulders prop has 7 different rock sizes/types, 227kg, 399kg, 1440kg, 3192kg, 4848kg, 5264kg, and 6692kg. It also comes with prebuilt Rock Stack and Three Large Rocks. none
Saw Horse Barrier Sawhorseprop.png The Saw Horse Barrier can be used to block off an area to make an impromptu race or it can be used by the police to stop the race. The choice is yours. none
Steel Barrels Steelbarrel.png The Steel Barrels prop has 2 different barrels, one is filled with oil, the other is empty. The empty one floats. none
Tire Stack Tirestack.png The Tire Stack prop consists of 6 tires stacked on top of each other. Unfortunately the tires cannot be separated. none
Tire Wall Tirewall.png The Tire Wall prop has 5 different liveries that you can choose, right/left arrows, ETK, Grip-All, and Hirochi. Each one has 90 tires. none
Traffic Barrel Trafficbarrel.png The Traffic Barrel is an orange, reflective, barrel of the kind used to redirect traffic. none
Traffic Tube Traffictube.png Like the Traffic Barrel, the Traffic Tube is an orange, reflective tube, that is used to redirect traffic. none
Traffic Cone Trafficcone.png The traffic cone is used for weak barriers or borders. They can also be carried. none

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