Randolph Tanker

Randolph Tanker

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The Randolph Dry Van is an American heavy-duty commercial tanker trailer, available in two separate configurations with a variety of loads. As with the Dry Van and Flatbed, the Tanker is available with either aluminum or steel 10-lug wheels, although the steel wheels are equipped on all official configurations. Unlike the other Randolph trailers, the bogie is fixed in place at the rear and cannot be moved with the tuning slider.

Four loads are available for the Randolph tanker: Water, Milk, Gasoline, and Diesel Fuel. An "empty" option exists, but is not part of any official configuration. The tanker is loaded to the maximum capacity of 11000 litres otherwise, with Milk being the heaviest and Gasoline being the lightest. The "Diesel" and "Gasoline" configurations are distinguished by the addition of a combination control/storage box mounted on the passenger side, an unloading piping system stretching along the underside and up the rear of the trailer, and a container for pipe extensions mounted on the driver's side.

Of note is the fact that the UN hazardous materials number found on the control box of the "Diesel" configuration is incorrect - 1203 is the number assigned to gasoline, while 1202 is the number assigned to diesel fuel.

Development Gallery

The following is a gallery of images released during the development of the Randolph Tanker:

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