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==See also==
==See also==
* [http://www.beamng.com/threads/introduction-to-skin-system.16931 Introduction to skin system]
* [https://wiki.beamng.com/Introduction_to_skin_system Introduction to skin system]

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Simple Skins Tutorial

Skin Sample Example Project.png


  • Download the sample skin here.
  • An installed image editor which can edit *.dds files. For this tutorial we'll use Paint.net, it's a free image editor.

Let's Start :

  • 1. Open BeamNG.drive, open "Mods"

Skin tutorial.jpeg

  • 2. Open the skin_sample_hatch

Skin tutorial 2.jpeg

  • 3. Unpack it

Skin tutorial 3.jpeg

  • 4. Open in explorer

Skin tutorial 3b.jpeg

(and then you can exit BeamNG.drive)

You should have an explorer window open called "skin_sample_hatch"

Skin tutorial 4.jpeg

  • 5.Search the skinsample_yourname.dds file, it's under vehicles / hatch / yourskinfolder

Skin tutorial 5a.jpeg

  • 6.Open this file with Paint.net

You can see a flattened version of the car

Skin tutorial 5.jpeg

Now you can add image, edit, change colors; let your creativity flow! Just keep the original proportion of the image (2048x2048) for the Covet

Skin tutorial 7.jpeg

7. Save the file (overwrite skinsample_yourname.dds)

You can now start BeamNG.drive and then you can find your skin on the part selector

Skin tutorial 8.jpeg

Now you have your own skin, enjoy it :)

More advanced Skin:

Once you're familiar with Paint.net you can start to create your skins from UV files included in the game.

The UV of the covet is at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BeamNG.drive\content\vehicles\hatch.zip\vehicles\hatch\hatch_skin_UVs.png, make a copy and then you can edit your copy.

Skin tutorial 9.jpeg

Share your Skin:


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