Soliad Wendover

Soliad Wendover

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Soliad Wendover

The Soliad Wendover will be an 80s American full-size coupe with a 150 hp V6 engine and front wheel drive.

There's something strangely alluring about horrible 80s American cars, especially the big boaty ones with sporting pretensions. The Soliad Wendover is exactly that - heavy, ugly, and shaped like a wedge. Its ancient cast-iron V6 is barely enough motivation even with a supercharger. This car wishes it was cooler than it actually is.

—Gabester, BeamNG Dev Blog, 10 December 2012

This car is currently not in-game; work will be started once the Gavril Bluebuck is in-game. It will be the last car added to the game from the original vehicle poll.

Sometime around April/May 2017, the development thread for the Wendover was deleted due to a server bug around that time that scrambled the first few posts in older threads. Development of the Wendover has not been cancelled, as Gabester has recently mentioned plans to release the Wendover, during which he also revealed that it will share the same V6 and optional supercharger as the Bruckell LeGran:

Yes, [the engine pictured above is] a V6. There will be supercharger options (not pictured) for the V6. ... The V6 (and optional supercharger) will be used in the Wendover too.

—Gabester, Bruckell LeGran Official Thread, 06 October 2016

However, it is worth noting that while the Wendover will share some components with the Legran, It will not be a copy of the Legran. The Wendover is planned to be a full-sized car, being larger than the mid-sized LeGran.

More recently, in 2018 Gabester reiterated that the Wendover is not cancelled, following a series of forum threads inquiring about its status, or falsely claiming the car had been cancelled.

Forum users have expressed hopes that the Wendover will feature a digi-dash and independent rear suspension with optional air springs.

On 2/27/19, Gabester confirmed that the Wendover will now be a coupe instead of a sedan, picturing the former body style, which can be seen above.

"I think at this point I can say that the Bluebuck just went in-game, and is being worked on by multiple people. Also, we've decided that the Wendover will become a coupe, since we don't have any FWD coupes and I think everyone's had their fill of 80s FWD sedans by now :p

I can't give timelines for either, but rest assured there's lots of vehicle work happening right now :)"

Soliad Wendover Model Specifications
Engine & Drivetrain
Drive wheels
Torque (Nm)
Weight: lbs(kg) (A/M)
0 - 60mph (100km/h)(M)
Top Speed (mph)


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