Soliad Wendover

Soliad Wendover

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Soliad Wendover
Soliad Wendover, as it had appeared in 2012
Manufacturer Soliad
Production 1980s
Body and Chassis
Class Full-size
Body style 2-door Coupe
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive

The Soliad Wendover will be an 80s American full-size coupe with a 150 hp V6 engine and front wheel drive. This car is currently not in-game; work will be started once the Gavril Bluebuck is in-game. It will be the last car added to the game from the original vehicle poll.[1]


There's something strangely alluring about horrible 80s American cars, especially the big boaty ones with sporting pretensions. The Soliad Wendover is exactly that - heavy, ugly, and shaped like a wedge.

—Gabester, BeamNG Dev Blog, 10 December 2012

The Wendover started out life as a full-size sedan, shown in its first (and thus far only) preview. It has not done very well in official polls deciding which vehicle should be added to the game, first coming in last place with three votes,[1] and then in seventh place with sixteen votes,[2] respectively. This could be one main reason for the vehicle's long development cycle, lasting nearly seven years since its initial preview. The fact that there was already a handful of sedans in the game may also have contributed to this delay.[3] Even so, the vehicle is still planned to be released at some point.[4]

In 2016, it was reported that the Wendover will share the same V6 engine as the Bruckell LeGran.[5] However, neither of the vehicles were confirmed to be identical to each other otherwise. Finally, in 2019, Gabester confirmed that the Wendover will now be created in the form of a coupe rather than the original sedan style, possibly confirming its eventual implementation, which may occur now that the Gavril Bluebuck has been released.[3]

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