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Contacting Support

Game related problems

If you are having issues with the games, contact us using the Support button located in the game's launcher, and do as shown below:

|Support ticket.png

This will prepare a ZIP that contains only your game logs, which would help us to help you in the shorter time.

After the third step, our support form will open. Compile it correct and press the Send Message button at the end.

Important stuff

  • Please check you have typed correctly your email address, or we won't be able to reply back
  • Disable all your mods first. We cannot help with problems caused by mods.
  • Describe in details your issue in the form. This would allow us to help you better
  • We usually reply in at least 48 hours, or as soon as possible. Bear in mind that during week-ends and holidays, it could take slightly longer.

Other kind of problems

If you need to contact us for other kind of problems (order & payment, questions) or if you are not able to access the game's launcher, you can contact us directly from here: https://support.beamng.com/

A developer asked for a Support ID

Sometimes a developer could ask for a Support ID. That would allow us to have a look at your game logs and settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Disable all your mods first (unless indicated other-wise, or you are receiving help with a mod)
  2. Replicate whatever issue you are having and close the game.
  3. Open the game launcher and do as shown:

Support noticket.png

Make sure to give the ID number to the staff person that is assisting you!