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Read Me First

Techdemo Notice

How to try the game?

Our partner stores (Steam and Humble Bundle) provide the ability to return / refund the game, for any reason, within certain conditions listed below.

This can be used to evaluate the game in its current version.


To be able to return the game on Steam, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Less than 2 hours of play time
  • The purchase must not be older than 14 days

Note that refunds for Steam purchases are managed exclusively by Steam itself, and not the BeamNG staff.

You can find full information, and how to request a refund in this page:

Humble Bundle

To be able to return a game on Humble Bundle, you must meet the following condition:

  • The purchase must not be older than 30 days

To request a refund, contact us directly, providing the same email address used in the order:

Techdemo - How to

Downloading the Techdemo

You can download the techdemo from the following link:

Handling the ZIP

Extracting the techdemo folder from the ZIP

When the download is over, you will find a file named on your desktop (or download location). Double click to open it (Windows has a built-in tool to open ZIP files). Then drag BeamNG-Techdemo-v2 folder in another folder. That action will extract the techdemo files from the ZIP.

NOTE: These instructions are also valid for the Humble Bundle 'ZIP' version of the game. Only the folders name may be slightly different.

Launching the Techdemo

Resulting Techdemo folder

You should now have a BeamNG-Techdemo-v2 folder in the location where you dragged the folder to. Open it and simply double-click to launch the techdemo. Have fun!

Missing X3DAudio1_7.dll when launching the game

If you receive that message when trying to launch the game, you need to update your DirectX installation. You can do so by downloading and installing this: