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| Mentor since 18.9.16
| Mentor since 18.9.16
|- <!------ RUSSIAN ------>
|- <!------ RUSSIAN ------>
| rowspan="1" | [http://translate.beamng.com/projects/beamngdrive/game/ru/ Russian]
| rowspan="2" | [http://translate.beamng.com/projects/beamngdrive/game/ru/ Russian]
| [http://translate.beamng.com/user/gjrfytn/ gjrfytn] / [http://www.beamng.com/members/gjrfytn.260/ gjrfytn]
| [http://translate.beamng.com/user/gjrfytn/ gjrfytn] / [http://www.beamng.com/members/gjrfytn.260/ gjrfytn]
| Mentor since 18.9.16
| Mentor since 18.9.16
| rowspan="1" |  
| rowspan="2" |  
| [http://translate.beamng.com/user/alexandr/ alexandr] / [http://www.beamng.com/members/falkrum.161384/ falkrum]
| Mentor since 18.9.16
|- <!------ TURKISH ------>
|- <!------ TURKISH ------>
| rowspan="2" | [http://translate.beamng.com/projects/beamngdrive/game/tr/ Turkish]
| rowspan="2" | [http://translate.beamng.com/projects/beamngdrive/game/tr/ Turkish]

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Since August 2016, we use a new translation service that helps us to translate the game and everything into other languages: translate.beamng.com


  • 18th of September 2016: We had to disable machine translation and limit the users to leave suggestions only after several users broke some translations decently. If you want to have direct access still, please see the new section below.

How to contribute

1) Want to translate a language that already exists? Register an account and start leaving suggestions.

2) Want to translate a new language that is not listed yet? Ask for it there: http://www.beamng.com/threads/translating-beamng-drive-feedback-thread.30230

3) Want to not only leave suggestions but contribute directly and be responsible? Ask the team: http://www.beamng.com/threads/translating-beamng-drive-feedback-thread.30230

Permission Levels

Since the 18th of September we were forced to restrict the translations a bit more to prevent abuse of the system. The new permission levels are:

  • Guest: Anyone can leave suggestions without creating an account.
  • User: Suggestions and comments unlocked. No direct translations anymore, sorry.
  • Mentor: Translates, accepts suggestions and is responsible for the translation's well-being.


The Mod Support guys are responsible for this service. Please contact them in case of problems.

Responsible Users

Language User Role Group

French colin / synsol Mentor since 18.9.16 French Translation
firepower / firepower Mentor since 18.9.16
German meywue / meywue Mentor since 18.9.16
mrgrinder / mrgrinder Mentor since 18.9.16
Italian nadeox1 / nadeox1 Mentor since 18.9.16
Romanian skystunt / skystunt123 Mentor since 18.9.16
Polish needcraft21 / needcraft Mentor since 18.9.16
drivver / drivver Mentor since 18.9.16
Slovak mrangry / mrangry Mentor since 18.9.16
Finnish mtslittow / mtslittow Mentor since 18.9.16
hartsafin / hartsafin Mentor since 18.9.16
Ukrainian numbazz / numbazz Mentor since 18.9.16
Afrikaans Erik / erik-s Mentor since 18.9.16
Spanish aleferna_dls / aleferna_dls Mentor since 18.9.16
javiersp98 / javiersp98 Mentor since 18.9.16
Russian gjrfytn / gjrfytn Mentor since 18.9.16
alexandr / falkrum Mentor since 18.9.16
Turkish teoman / teoman Mentor since 18.9.16
berke / berke Mentor since 18.9.16
Portuguese (Brazil) andre_lac / 4ndr3lac Mentor since 18.9.16
Serbian (Cyrillic) Duster02 / duster02 Mentor since 18.9.16
Serbian (Latin) Duster02 / duster02 Mentor since 18.9.16

Direct translation

IMPORTANT: Please only translate languages that you speak fluently and that you grew up speaking. Please do not do translations that you are not 110% sure in.

First of all, you will need to register at http://translate.beamng.com. Insert only valid informations. You cannot reuse your beamng.com account credentials as these services are separate.
After the registration process is done, you can start translating.

If your language is in the list, simply press the Translate button you see near it (Point 1 in the image below)
If your language is not in the list, simply add it by using the box on the bottom-right corner (Point 2 in the image below)


The translation window will look like this:


  • Context: This is the origin where this string is used. It is a hierarchy with the top level being at the left and separated by dots.
    • For example ui.options.graphics.display means that this is a string called display in the graphics section of the options module inside the ui (User Interface) component.
    • An incomplete and outdated overview on what is used where can be found there: Translation Contexts
  • Source: This will always be the US-English source that is supposed to be translated
  • Target: This is where the translation needs to be entered

How to use it ingame

Not ready yet, we are working on this. In the meantime, you can have a look at this: Translation Contexts

What's not allowed

  • Use of Google/Bing/etc Online Translators. If you do not know a language, do not translate it!
  • Grief, Troll, and alike. May result in a ban.


  • In case you find bbcode like [action=foo], please preserve this as it is. Make sure to not add additional spaces that could render it non-working.
  • If you find links to the wiki i.e. http://wiki.beamng.com/Portal you should reuse that URL unless a translated version of that page exists. I.e. http://wiki.beamng.com/Portal/de


Q: What if a term doesn't translate or stays the same in both languages?

A: Just copy it as it is.

Q: What if I'm not sure about a translation?

A: Press the 'review' button. It will mark the translation so that you can easily see what parts need attention. Else, skip that element entirely and leave it for somebody else.

Q: Why the translation is locked sometimes even i have "Mentor" status ?

A: When someone else is currently translating your language , the system lock automatiquely for minutes to prevent any double

Coordination / Feedback

In this thread please: http://www.beamng.com/threads/translating-beamng-drive.30230/