Updating the game

Updating the game

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This page is a simple guide on updating BeamNG.Drive. Follow the simple instructions based on which store you purchased the game from.


BeamNG.Drive updating via Steam

If you purchased the game on Steam, just sit back and relax.

By default, Steam keeps all of your games up to date automatically.

Steam will auto update BeamNG.Drive as soon as a new update has been released!

If an update is already released but Steam isn't showing it, restart Steam to force the update of its database. If the problem persists, uninstalling and then re-installing the game again is a sure-way to force Steam to download the latest available version.

Note: The game will not update to the most recent version if you are using one of the 'Beta Branches' available in Steam. Verify by right-clicking the game in the Steam Library > Properties > "Beta" tab. Select "None" from the list to return to the most recent version

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle page

When you purchase the game on Humble Bundle, you receive an email from the Humble Bundle store.

The link will bring you to a page that looks like this. You have two choices:

  • Redeem the Steam Key
  • Download the game from Humble Bundle (We update the file in that page upon updates)

If you choose to download the game from Humble Bundle, you will have to re-download the entire game each time an update is out.

If you lost the original Humble Bundle email that contains the link to your personal download page, you can use this to get a copy: https://www.humblebundle.com/resender


Fastspring page

If you purchased the game before Steam in the early days, you more than likely used this store. Contact our support using the link below and we will provide you with the procedure to get the latest version:


NOTE: Please provide us with the same email address used in the original order. If you are contacting us using a different email address then please put your original purchase-email in the message body.

Other stores

Currently we are not affiliated with other stores.

If you purchased the game from another store (and they haven't yet provided you with a Steam Key), you should contact them immediately about what to do.

Can we help you any further?

If you need help with anything else, please contact us via this link: https://support.beamng.com