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==Further Information==
==Further Information==
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West Coast, USA
The City of Belasco, viewed from the Spearleaf Island Bridge
Location California, United States
Biome Coastal, urban, semi-arid
Dimensions 4 km2
Roads 90% paved
Features Belasco City, racing complex, redwood forest, suburbs, highways, river channel, dockyards
Applications Racing, chases, cruising, exploration, delivery

West Coast, USA is based on parts of California including the San Francisco Bay Area. The metro area is similar to that of San Francisco and the map itself has similar geography to Oakland, California, what with the mountains to the east, a body of water to the west with a bridge going over it, and a north to south freeway running along that body of water. Los Angeles may have been an inspiration for the map as well. This map is 4 square kilometers and features a city, highways, mountains, and a Motorsports facility that contains a racetrack with multiple routes, two separate dirt tracks, and a drift course in the parking lot.

Development History

West Coast USA was officially revealed to the community on June 18, 2016 by B25Mitch, the developer primarily responsible for its construction. The initial post provided an artist's rendition of the map layout, showcased several WIP areas of the highways and motorsports facility, and explained the two new map-making techniques that WCUSA was originally designed to test the feasibility of. The first technique is using roads that are a combination of decal surface and mesh curbs in order to reduce polygon count and increase the detail level of street markings. The second technique is placing modular building façade components (windows, doors, etc.) as forest datablocks in order to improve framerate while running the map.

A brief video of B25Mitch completing a lap around the racetrack was posted to YouTube on July 20, 2016. The video is available here (link leads to YouTube).

Development sneak peeks continued in the usual fashion of periodic screenshot reveals until October 31, 2017, when the BeamNG.Drive development team released a preview video which announced plans to release WCUSA in an update sometime in November 2017. Tdev quickly moved to inform forum users that the update would likely be sometime in late November, but this was still a highly unprecedented move - No map had ever been previewed in video form (Although a showcase video for Utah was released simultaneously with its debut in update, and no update had ever had a planned timeframe for release.

West Coast USA was released in the 0.11 update on November 23, 2017.

Development Gallery

The following is a gallery of images released during the development of WCUSA:

Further Information

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