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A BeamObject seems to repesent a jbeam object in code.

Member functions

unknown addInternalCamera (unknown)
unknown addParticle (unknown)
unknown addParticleByNodes (unknown)
unknown addParticleByNodesRelative(nodeId1, nodeid2, velocity, particleType, width, count) --Must use a valid particleType, check "art\shapes\particles\managedParticleEmitterData.cs"  ​
unknown applyForce (unknown)
unknown attachSFXNode (unknown)
unknown breakBeam (unknown)
unknown breakCollisionTriangle (unknown)
unknown breakMeshes (unknown)
unknown calcBeamStats (unknown)
unknown calcCenterOfGravity (unknown)
unknown destroy (unknown)
unknown finishLoading (unknown)
unknown getBeamForce (unknown)
unknown getBeamLength (unknown)
unknown getDebugDrawProxy (unknown)
unknown getDirection (unknown)
unknown getDirectionVector (unknown)
unknown getFlexmesh (unknown)
unknown getMaterial (unknown)
unknown getNodeForce (unknown)
unknown getNodeVelocity (unknown)
unknown getPosition (unknown)
unknown getProjectedNodePosition (unknown)
unknown getProp (unknown)
unknown getVelocity (unknown)
unknown getWheel (unknown)
unknown queueLuaCommand (unknown)
unknown requestReset (int unkown) --resets the BeamObject to the last spawn position
nil resetTransformation () --crashes the client
unknown setBeam (unknown)
unknown setBeamLength (unknown)
unknown setBeamLengthRatio (unknown)
unknown setBeamPressureRel (unknown)
unknown setBeamSpringDamp (unknown)
unknown setCameraNodes (unknown)
unknown setCollisionTriangle (unknown)
unknown setDebugString (unknown)
unknown setExternalCamera (unknown)
unknown setFlexmesh (unknown)
unknown setNode (unknown)
unknown setNodeMaterial (unknown)
unknown setNodePair (unknown)
unknown setPersistentData (unknown)
unknown setProp (unknown)
unknown setWheel (unknown)
unknown setVolume (unknown) --set the Volume of the sound.obj
unknown setPitch (unknown) --set the Pitch of the sound.obj