Concepted vehicles

Concepted vehicles

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This article depicts content which could be added in the future, but is not formally confirmed or likely to be implemented.

The list of concepted vehicles is a lineup of potential future additions to the BeamNG roster of motor vehicles. It was added to the wiki in 2014, shortly after the release of the Pre-Race Update, but was removed shortly after the Steam release the next year. The authenticity of this list has long been a subject of debate among the BeamNG community. Ultimately, one thing which can be confirmed through webpage archiving[1] is that this list is anything but false. It was both added and removed by the lead vehicle developer.

The reason as to why the list was removed has not yet been confirmed, although it could be that the vehicles were simply put on hold for the time being. The possibility that these vehicles will be released is quite unlikely, though that is not always the case; one vehicle which previously was on this list, the Ibishu Hopper, was created and released some time after the removal of the list. A few other vehicles here have been mentioned or discussed on the forums by the lead vehicle developer. Keep in mind, however, that unless these vehicles become confirmed by the vehicle developers, this is not meant to raise expectations in any way whatsoever.

The list of concepted vehicles

Manufacturer Model Model Years Style Notes
Bruckell Albatross Mid to late-60s Full-size coupe Includes a sketch of the vehicle

Source: [2]

Moonhawk 1969 - 1972 Mid-size coupe Potential predecessor to the 1973 Moonhawk already in the game.

Source: [3]

unnamed 1980s Mid-size station wagon The mentioned vehicle never received a given name. It could be based on the Bruckell LeGran.

Source: [4]

Charmand 1304 B Mid-late 1980s Subcompact hatchback Explicitly on hold because the Ibishu Covet already serves the basis for this vehicle archetype.

Source: [5]

Civetta Fulmine Mid-1960s 2+2 coupe Was at one point called "Fulminatore" before being changed.

Source: [4]

Gavril Beaufort Late 1970s Full-size sedan Not originally on the list. Has been considered as a Bruckell model as well.

Source: [6]

Blackstone 1967
Bussard 1963
Roamer 2014 Full-size SUV Potential successor to the 1992 Roamer already in the game.
Ibishu Covet 2014 Subcompact hatchback Potential successor to the 1987 Covet already in the game.
Pessima 1992 - 1995 Mid-size sedan Originally a 1994 model. Potential successor to (or a facelift of) the 1988 Pessima already in the game.
Jargl DT825
Soliad Palisade

Completed vehicles previously on the list

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