Content Creation Changelog 0.9.0

Content Creation Changelog 0.9.0

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List of changes related to content creation on 0.9.0.


Lightbars changes

Mods using their own copy of the original lightbars need to be update to work correctly.

  • Jbeam wise: We now have 'Patterns' support. We don't use 'Texture Animations' anymore, but the new patters to switch the materials ON and OFF. Open the .JBeam file of one of the official lightbar to see how it works.
  • Models/Material wise: Some models got updated, and all the meshes & materials got renamed with a better logic. Here's a full comparison list:
Old                    >   New

// Old Lightbar (D/H Series, Roamer, 200BX, Grand Marshal)

lightbar_base          >   old_lightbar_a 
lightbar_base_alt      >   old_lightbar_b
lightbar_R_blue        >   old_blue_r
lightbar_R_red         >   old_red_r
lightbar_R_amber       >   old_amber_r
lightbar_L_blue        >   old_blue_l
lightbar_L_red         >   old_red_l
lightbar_L_amber       >   old_amber_l
lightbar               >   old_lightbar
lightbarglassB         >   old_lightbar_b1
lightbarglassB2        >   old_lightbar_b2
lightbarglassR         >   old_lightbar_r1
lightbarglassR2        >   old_lightbar_r2
lightbarglassA         >   old_lightbar_a1
lightbarglassA2        >   old_lightbar_a2
// European Lightbar (ETK800)   
eurlightbar_base       >   eur_lightbar
eurlightbar_light      >   eur_lightbar_light
eurlightbar_sign       >   eur_lightbar_sign
eurlightbar            >   eur_lightbar
eurlightbar_glass      >   eur_lightbar_glass
eurlightbar_sign       >   eur_lightbar_sign
eurlightbarB           >   eur_lightbar_b1
eurlightbarB2          >   eur_lightbar_b2
// Modern Lightbar (Sunburst)     
modlightbar_basebar    >   mod_lightbar_base
modlightbar_base       >   mod_lightbar_a
modlightbar_base_b     >   mod_lightbar_b
modlightbar_police_ON  >   mod_lightbar_light
modlightbar_mini       >   mod_lightbar_mini

modlightbar            >   mod_lightbar
modlightbar_glass      >   mod_lightbar_glass
modlightbar_sign       >   mod_lightbar_sign
modlightbarW           >   mod_lightbar_w1
modlightbarR           >   mod_lightbar_r1
NEW                    >   mod_lightbar_r2
NEW                    >   mod_lightbar_r3
modlightbarB           >   mod_lightbar_b1
NEW                    >   mod_lightbar_b2
NEW                    >   mod_lightbar_b3

// Little flashers (ETK800, Sunburst, etc.)
modLED_blue_police_ON  >   led_blue
modLED_red_police_ON   >   led_red