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Basic Keyboard Controls

Key Use
F1 Toggle help screens
AD / S / W Steer/brake/accelerate
P Toggle the parking brake
Shift+c Toggles the free camera
R Respawn vehicle
C Switch camera mode
Numpad 4862

/ 5 / 1 / 93

Move/reset/invert/zoom camera
Left shift Clutch
X Shift up
Z Shift down
Q Toggle shifter mode
, (comma) Left signal toggle
. (dot) Right signal toggle
/ (slash) Hazard signal toggle
N Toggle headlights
Alt+N Fog Lights

Advanced Keyboard Controls

Key Use
Ctrl + F Toggle FPS
Alt + F1 Disable debug mode
K Previous debug mode
L Next debug mode
Shift + F1 Switch to debug mode 1
Shift + F2 or

Alt + /

slow-mo: 20% realtime lower/higher
Key Use
Tab Switch to the next vehicle
Shift + Tab Switch to the vehicle last played
Ctrl + W Parts config
Ctrl + E Vehicle config
Page up Move camera upwards
Page down Move camera downwards
Ctrl + O Bring up options dialog
` (tilde) Toggle console
Alt + K Clear console
F11 Open level editor
Alt + Enter Toggle fullscreen mode
Ctrl + M: Reload input maps (experimental)
J Pause/unpause physics
Shift + T Reload system Lua
Ctrl + R Reload vehicle lua
Esc Bring up in-game dashboard
Ctrl + Esc Quit to desktop
Shift + U Hide HUD

XBox360 Wired / Wireless Controller / PS4 Controller

If you cannot determine what button the image represents, clicking on the image will bring up the large scale version of it.

Button/Stick Use
XboxControllerRightThumbstick.png Look around
XboxControllerLeftThumbstick.png Steer
XboxControllerLeftTrigger.png Brake
XboxControllerRightTrigger.png Throttle
XboxControllerButtonA.png Shift up
XboxControllerButtonX.png Shift down
XboxControllerDPadDown.png Hazard lights
XboxControllerDPadUp.png Headlights
XboxControllerDPadRight.png Switch vehicle
XboxControllerDPadLeft.png Reset vehicle
XboxControllerRightShoulder.png Toggle parking brake
XboxControllerButtonY.png/XboxControllerButtonB.png Zoom in/out
XboxControllerRightThumbstickPressed.png Reset Camera
XboxControllerBack.png Toggle camera

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