Forum Rules

Forum Rules

From BeamNG


  • Be nice and civil to the others.
  • Report things you think are not alright.
  • Post contributing stuff to the thread's topic.
  • Re-read and improve your post. Make it easier for people to understand what you are writing.
  • Post in the correct forum category.
  • Ignore spammers (Use the report button).
  • Ignore flamewars & alike (Do not feed them! Use the report button).
  • Do not pinpoint other's small errors. Everybody can make mistake, whether it's a spelling error or a stupid question, be nice about it.
  • Roleplay is allowed only using groups.

Do not

Here's some things you should avoid:

  • Abuse Reporting/Groups/Private Messages.
  • Post other people's personal information without their consent.
  • Bump threads unless constructive/necessary.
  • Derail a thread (posts that have little to do with the thread's topic).
  • Share your account (1 account per person - No secondary, backup or multiple accounts, especially if banned).
  • Backseat moderate/Forum police - Use the 'Report' button and leave the dirty job to our moderators.
  • Exploiting bugs (Found a bug on the forum? Send a moderator a Private Message and we will fix it as soon as possible).

Rethink something if you are not sure it's OK. If you are in doubt: Do not do it!

Send a PM to a moderator and ask beforehand eventually.

What's strictly off-limits

Things that absolutely won't be tolerated on the forums:

  • Inappropriate content (Porn, Nazi, Sexual, Racism, Discriminiation, Gross, Piracy, NSFW, etc. stuff).
  • Inappropriate language/behaviour (Insulting/Flaming/Harassing/etc. and being rude to other users).
  • Political, Religious, etc. content. The forum is no place for that.
  • Spam.

Posting any of these may result in:

  • Post being edited/removed without any notice.
  • Warning Point (Too many of them may lead to below...)
  • BAN