Installing Content

Installing Content

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Installing Resources (Automatic Method)

Pre-requisite: Enabling the 'Install' button on your profile

This step is a one-time only, and it's required to make the 'Install' button appear on your profile.

Before you start, please make sure you are already logged in your account, with your default browser.

  • 1 Go in-game and open the side-menu by pressing ESC on your keyboard. Click on the Mods icon

Installbutton tut 1.png

  • 2 Click on the Download Mods button (Version 0.10 and up)

Installbutton tut 2b.png

The will open.

Downloading & Installing mods

  • 1 To download and install a mod, simply click the Install button you see on the mod's page

Installbutton tut 3.png

BeamNG.Drive will open (if not open already), and will download and install the mod automatically.

NOTE: You must be on the Overview tab for the Install button to work.

Installing Resources (Manual Method)

  • 1 Download the mod via the dedicated orange button (if from the repository)

Repo tutorial install 6.png

Else from whatever download link it is provided through.

You should end up downloading a ZIP file.

  • 2 Place the ZIP file in MyDocuments/BeamNG.Drive/mods. Do not extract the content of the ZIP!

Note: If you do not have a 'mods' folder, just create one!

Repo tutorial install 7.png

Where To Find New Content

In our Repositories :)

Mods not working / appearing in-game

Please make sure that:

  • The mods you are trying to use are being installed correctly, and in the correct folder, without extracting the mods' content from its ZIP.

In Windows 10 in particular, a common mistake is placing the mods inside OneDrive/Documents/BeamNG.Drive, instead of User/Documents/BeamNG.Drive

  • The mods you are trying to install are actually compatible with the current version of the game.

If a mod is too old, there is a chance it's outdated and no more compatible with your newer version.