JBeam Templates

JBeam Templates

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Jbeam Templates

Mastered Nodes and Beams? Time to move on. This is a good place to look. This pre-made Jbeam setup has everything you need to build your own vehicle, the only thing left for you to do is to add the Nodes and Beams. All the slots are already set up, suspension, wheels, engine, coilovers, steering, ect.

What is needed?

First off, you will still need to have a basic understanding of Jbeam, it will require adding your own Nodes and Beams. You will also need to have your own model, ready to rig.

If you aren't quite up to this stage yet, and don't know much about Jbeam, we suggest looking at the Example Projects

What's included

A completely pre-made Jbeam layout containing all the needed slots for a vehicle. (You'll still need to add your own Nodes and Beams)

The current slots configuration looks like this.



File:My vehicle.zip

Extract to your vehicles folder in the BeamNG.drive directory.

Useful Info

Recommended Free Programs

  • Notepad++ - For editing Jbeam
  • Blender - Model creation