From BeamNG

This class seems to be an interface between Lua and the BeamNG engine.


CanvasTexture canvasTexture

Member functions

nil deleteAllObjects () -- clears all slots (?)
bool getEnabled () -- gets the current state of the BeamEngine
unknown getPersistentData (unknown)
unknown getSimulationTimeScale (unknown)
BeamObject getSlot (slotId) -- gets the BeamObject from the specified slot
int getSlotCount () -- gets the number of slots occupied by BeamObject's
nil queueLuaCommand (luaCmd) -- puts the specified Lua command (represented as a string) into the queue (?)
nil resetGroundModels () -- resets all existing ground models
nil setEnabled (state) -- sets the BeamEngine to the given state [true/false]
nil setGroundModel (groundModel, name)
unknown setPersistentData (unknown)
nil setSimulationTimeScale (int) -- sets simulation speed
nil setSlot (slotId, beamObject) -- sets the specified slot with the given BeamObject (?)
nil spawnObject (jbeamFilename, position) -- loads a JBeam file and spawns a BeamObject at the specified position [float3]
nil update (frames) -- updates the BeamEngine with the specified number of frames