From BeamNG

Used to create new Vehicles from lua.

File location: lua\vehicle\beamng.lua

Member Functions

vehicle newVehicle() -- creation method of the object, inits the member variables
vehicle Vehicle:compile ()
vehicle newVehicle()
int Vehicle:processTableWithSchema (vehicle, keyEntry, entry, newList)
bool Vehicle:prepare (vehicles)
bool Vehicle:assignCIDs (vehicles)
string Vehicle:verifyElementName (name)
table Vehicle:replaceSpecialValues (val)
table Vehicle:prepareLinks (vehicles)
bool Vehicle:resolveLinks (vehicles, links)
bool Vehicle:resolveGroupLinks (vehicle) 
nil Vehicle:addRotator (vehicle, wheelKey, wheel)
nil Vehicle:addWheel (vehicle, wheelKey, wheel)
nil Vehicle:addMonoHubWheel (vehicle, wheelKey, wheel)
nil Vehicle:addHubWheelTSV (vehicle, wheelKey, wheel)
nil Vehicle:addHubWheelTSI (vehicle, wheelKey, wheel)
nil Vehicle:addHubWheel (vehicle, wheelKey, wheel)
nil Vehicle:addPressureWheel (vehicle, wheelKey, wheel)
bool Vehicle:optimize (vehicles)
bool Vehicle:updateCollTris (vehicles)
bool Vehicle:postProcess (vehicles)
int Vehicle:scaleValuesRecursive (data)
int Vehicle:increaseMax (vehicle, name)
int Vehicle:addNode (vehicle, parentSection, pos, ntype)
int Vehicle:addNodeWithOptions (vehicle, parentSection, pos, ntype, options)
table Vehicle:addBeam (vehicle, parentSection, id1, id2)
table newVehicle()
bool Vehicle:loadDirectory (directory)
nil Vehicle:doPartChanges (object)
bool Vehicle:assemble ()
table Vehicle:fillSlots (partMap, part, level)
nil Vehicle:unifyParts (target, source, level) -- this is the plain include merge approach
unknown Vehicle:pushToPhysics (object, pos)

Public Interface

  • newVehicle